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How to recover a swap that failed in Komodo mobile wallet using Desktop

If for any reason, you don't want to/can't recover a stuck/timed out/failed swap in Komodo mobile wallet and wants to use the CLI on a desktop, follow this guide.

  • First, export the log file from your Komodo mobile wallet (Settings -> "Share log File") and transfer it to your Desktop.
  • Follow the instructions in this linked guide to extract the swap data from the log file into a format usable by mm2
  • It should create two directories named "MAKER" and "TAKER" and files named <uuid>.json in the appropriate directory. uuid is the swap id from the Komodo mobile wallet app
  • Find the file named after your stuck swap's id and save it in a accessible location. Also note if it was in the directory named "MAKER" or "TAKER"
  • Follow the instructions in this linked guide to download, configure and setup Komodo DeFi Framework on your desktop. When creating the file MM2.json as described in the guide, use the seed words from Komodo mobile wallet as the value for the key "passphrase"
  • Once mm2 is up and running, open a new terminal window and export the rpc_password as value to the environment variable named userpass.
export userpass="<value of rpc_password from MM2.json here>"
  • Stop mm2 by issuing the stop command in the same terminal
curl --url "" --data "{\"method\":\"stop\",\"userpass\":\"$userpass\"}"
  • Navigate to the directory where mm2 is located . You should find a directory named DB. Inside it, there should be a directory with a long hex (similar to 514fa660fa9976c87bb08e5636653ac75be9f606) as its name. Navigate into it, then into "SWAPS", then "MY".
    • the directory structure should look similar to DB/514fa660fa9976c87bb08e5636653ac75be9f606/SWAPS/MY
  • now, place the swap file in the above mentioned directory
  • Now start mm2 again using the command
stdbuf -oL nohup ./mm2
  • Enable the coins involved in the swap using the electrum command
curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"electrum\",\"coin\":\"RICK\",\"servers\":[{\"url\":\"\"},{\"url\":\"\"},{\"url\":\"\"}]}"
  • replace the value of the parameter "coin" in the above command with the coin name of your choosing
  • find the electrum server addresses for the coin you are enabling from and replace the values of the parameter named "url" in the above command with the appropriate values
  • you have to enable both the coins involved in the stuck swap
  • The above command outputs a response similar to
  "coin": "RICK",
  "address": "RQNUR7qLgPUgZxYbvU9x5Kw93f6LU898CQ",
  "balance": "10",
  "locked_by_swaps": "0",
  "required_confirmations": 1,
  "result": "success"
  • Make sure the address and balance in the above response match the values shown in Komodo mobile wallet. If the address does not match, the "passphrase" (seed words) in MM2.json is incorrect. Stop mm2, delete the directory named DB, correct the passphrase and repeat all the steps from before. If the balance is 0, either the electrum server's addresses you are using are incorrect or your connection might have an issue. Likely a firewall is blocking it.

Don't delete the DB if you have been using the mm2 on your desktop before opening this guide. It contains information on your past/ongoing/stuck swaps. Deleting it may cause you to lose access to your locked coins. Instead of deleting the entire DB, simply delete the directory inside the DB that corresponds to the wrong "passphrase" value. It should be the direcory that was created/modified most recently

  • Once you are sure that both the coins have been enabled using the electrum method and the addresses and balances match the values in the Komodo mobile wallet, you are ready to recover the swap. Issue the recover_funds_of_swap command with the swap id as an argument
curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"recover_funds_of_swap\",\"params\":{\"uuid\":\"<swap id of the stuck swap here>\"}}"
  • Replace the text <swap id of the stuck swap here> with the swap id of the stuck swap.
  • You should see a response similar to the following, if it was successful
  "result": {
    "action": "RefundedMyPayment",
    "coin": "RICK",
    "tx_hash": "696571d032976876df94d4b9994ee98faa870b44fbbb4941847e25fb7c49b85d",
    "tx_hex": "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"

Please contact us in the Discord server if any step is unclear. When in doubt, ask first before executing a command.