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Komodo SDK

Komodo SDK is an all-in-one solution for building, deploying, and managing blockchain and DeFi (d)applications. It includes the Komodo DeFi Framework, Komodo Core Protocol and the Komodo GUI/DAPP Suite, which make up a complete set of tools, APIs, and libraries to help you create your own blockchain-based products.

All these tools empower developers, businesses, and end-users alike. Each component within the Komodo SDK serves a distinct purpose and contributes to an integrated experience, streamlining the process of building, deploying, and managing blockchain and DeFi applications. In this doc, we will explore the key components that make up the “new” Komodo SDK and discuss their features, functions, and key purpose.

Komodo SDK Architecture

It is the ultimate solution for blockchain and DeFi developers. Includes a Wallet API and DEX API bundled together. Handles order-matching, p2p communication network for nodes etc.,

  • Build a non-custodial wallet
  • Launch a cross-chain/protocol decentralized exchange
  • Create custom apps such as an initial DEX offering (IDO) portal

It is the flagship 3-in-1 decentralized application.

  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Cross-chain/protocol DEX
  • Crypto Bridge

Available in web browser, mobile, and desktop

Blockchain network with a scalable multi-chain architecture. Enables anyone to launch an independent blockchain with its own coin - no gas fees and no secondary cryptocurrency needed.

Native coin of the Komodo Crypto Ecosystem

  • Transactions fees on the KMD blockchain are currently fractions of a cent
  • Taker orders on DEX trades within Komodo Wallet (and any Komodo DeFi Framework Powered DEX) receive a 10% dex-fee reduction on all KMD trading pairs
  • (On roadmap) KMD burn mechanism for each trade within Komodo Wallet (and any Komodo DeFi Framework Powered DEX)