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Start using or testing Komodo DeFi Framework quickly

Download the latest release of Komodo DeFi Framework API for your OS from

  • If the latest release tag is beta-2.0.1683, the download links should be available at
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and expand the "Assets" section by clicking on it
  • To download, click on the link that has the words "mm2", "Release" and the name of your OS in it
  • Extract the downloaded file into a new folder named KomoDeFi
    • The directory structure should be something like KomoDeFi/mm2 i.e., the mm2 binary should be present in a directory named KomoDeFi
  • Open a Terminal and cd into the KomoDeFi directory
  • Download the coins file; it contains the configuration information for all the supported coins
  • Download the sample mm2 config file
  • Rename it to MM2.json and change the values of the keys "rpc_password" and "passphrase"
    • "rpc_password"'s value is used to authenticate yourself when sending curl commands
    • "passphrase"'s value is your seed words
  • Start Komodo DeFi Framework API by issuing the following command in a terminal window
stdbuf -oL nohup ./mm2
  • Komodo DeFi Framework (mm2) is up and running

  • You can find all the possible methods accepted by it: here

  • To easily test/use various methods, open another terminal window and export the rpc_password's value to the environment variable named userpass

export userpass="<value of rpc_password from MM2.json here>"
  • Now, find the version of the program using the version RPC:
curl --url "" --data "{\"method\":\"version\",\"userpass\":\"$userpass\"}"