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The Antara Framework

Antara is an adaptable framework for end-to-end blockchain development. This framework allows developers to build blockchain-based applications in a more simple, quick, and less resource intensive manner than ever before. The framework reduces the barriers to adopting blockchain technology and opens up a universe of possibilities.

There are three layers to Komodo’s Antara Framework.

The first layer allows for the generation of a customized, independent chain called a Smart Chain.

Modules are inserted into the consensus mechanism of a Smart Chain that allow the developer to change the nature of the chain.

The third layer is the technology that integrates a Komodo Smart chain with other software. This includes an open API for language-agnostic, blockchain-based application development, an atomic-swap powered DEX, and more.

Chains launched with Antara are not ordinary blockchains. They’re “Smart Chains.” They’re smart because they’re customizable, completely independent, scalable, and modular.

Smart Chains are customizable along 18 different parameters, allowing for customization of block time, block rewards, consensus rules, algorithms, privacy settings, and much more.

Smart Chains are also infinitely scalable, as multiple Smart Chains can be clustered together to function as one. Moreover, each Smart Chain comes with built-in modules that accelerate development. This leads us to the second layer of the Antara Framework.

Each Smart Chain comes with a library of powerful modules built-in. These modules include features like tokens, oracles, stablecoins, quantum security, lightning payments, and more.

Antara Modules are activated prior to launch to meet the unique needs of every project that builds with Komodo’s Antara Framework. They provide an enormous boost in performance and drastically reduce the workload for a new project, ultimately leading to a faster product launch.

Advanced developers can optionally program new modules, giving the developer complete freedom over their Smart Chain's behavior.

The third layer of the Antara Framework is the Integration Layer. The Integration Layer offers a series of white-label products, including a multi-coin wallet, a fully decentralized exchange, a decentralized crowdfunding application, custom block explorers, and SPV server integration.

The Antara Integration Layer also provides an open API that can be used to write blockchain-based applications and software in any programming language. All custom-built apps and software run natively and at the consensus level of each individual Smart Chain.

Antara Smart Chains are completely independent and sovereign.

Each Smart Chain has its own consensus rules, decentralized network, and currency. The consensus rules are decided prior to launch and the network validates transactions and blocks according to those rules. Transaction fees are always paid in each Smart Chain’s coin, not in the Komodo Platform’s native currency. Smart Chains never pay any gas fees to the platform.

While multi-chain platforms are on the rise, many of Komodo’s competitors do not offer true sovereignty. The chains offered on other prominent multi-chain platforms are “child chains” or “side chains." Those types of chains are almost always forced to rely upon the platform’s parent chain in some way.

Antara Smart Chains never depend on the Komodo Platform, the Komodo blockchain, or the KMD coin. Komodo believes that this open model is the only way to create an ecosystem in which blockchain startups can thrive. Further, a forced dependence on the Komodo blockchain or the KMD coin may provide short-term demand but is sure to be self-defeating in the long run.

In addition, Smart Chains can also choose to participate in delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security and Platform Synchronizations to enable interoperability and scalability features.

Antara Smart Chains are customizable along 18 different parameters, offering hundreds of billions of different configurations to all projects that build with Komodo’s Antara Framework.

Namethe name of the Smart Chain and the ticker symbol for the chain’s coin
Block Timethe number of seconds that elapse between block generation
Consensus RulesProof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) or a combination
PoS ImplementationVerusPoS rules or PoS64 rules
PoW Hashing AlgorithmEquihash or VerusHash
Privacy Settingsmandatory privacy, optional privacy, or complete transparency
Interoperability Settingschoose which chains your Smart Chain will communicate with
Pre-Mine Supplythe number of coins mined in the first block of the Smart Chain
Block Rewardsthe number of coins awarded to a miner or staker for finding a block
Reward Reductionsthe number of blocks between reductions in block rewards
Block Reward Decaypercentage by which block rewards decline at each reduction
Reward Erasan optional feature to fully customize a chain’s coin emission schedule
Time Lockingthe option to make block rewards frozen for a set number of blocks
Taxationan optional, inflationary feature that generates a small tax for all transactions
Founder’s Bonusoptional feature that makes periodic payouts to the chain’s founder
Pubkeydesignate the address to which pre-mine supply, tax, and bonuses are paid
Multi-Signaturethe option to designate a multi-sig address to receive pub key payouts
Antara Moduleschoose which Antara Modules that you would like to activate

Antara Modules act as the foundation upon which advanced blockchain-based applications and software can be built. They offer an enormous level of functionality and cut down on the amount of time a new blockchain project needs to spend on development before going to market.

As they run natively on every individual Smart Chain, Antara Modules are faster and more secure than traditional smart contracts. They also run at the consensus level, meaning every module is verified by every node in the network upon each use.

In addition, Antara Modules are written in the C and C++ programming languages so they are Turing complete and can be coded to perform any functions that any existing software performs.

Significantly, Antara Modules do not require any gas fees. Instead, a single use of a module requires just one ordinary transaction fee, which is always paid in each respective Smart Chain’s coin. This makes it far more practical and profitable to build and run a complex blockchain-based applications on Komodo than on any other multi-chain platform in existence.

All Smart Chains come with a library of powerful, built-in modules to choose from.

Tokenscreate tokens (fungible or non-fungible) on your own Smart Chain
Oraclesuse an aggregated data oracles solution to bring off-chain data on chain
Proxy Token DEXtrade tokenized representations of foreign blockchain assets
Instant Micropaymentsa channel for secure and instant micropayments
Funds Recoveryallow users to designate a backup address to safeguard funds
Stablecoinsan algorithmic stablecoin solution with optional digital asset backing
Trustless Price Feedsbring price data on-chain in a trustless, decentralized manner
Rewardsgive users the option to earn rewards by locking coins for a set time
Quantum Securitymake all transactions on your Smart Chain quantum secure
MuSig Paymentsenable private, fast, low-data multi-signature payments
Faucetan automated crypto faucet feature with built-in spam prevention

The option to code custom modules is also available to all Smart Chain projects. While coding custom modules is an advanced development task, it offers an unparalleled degree of flexibility and customization. Any processes imaginable can be coded into an Antara Module, which will then run natively and at the consensus level of a project’s Smart Chain.

The third and final layer of Komodo’s Antara Framework is the Integration Layer, which consists of an open API and a selection of white-label applications to accelerate development.

Each Antara Module activated on a Smart Chain provides a number of remote procedure calls (RPC). Each individual call executes a different process and offers a unique functionality. Together, these RPCs from all of the the Antara Modules make up the open API.

The Antara open API is language agnostic so developers can use it to code blockchain-based applications in the programming language of their choosing. This makes Komodo’s Antara Framework the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to adopt blockchain technology.