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Komodo Platform Overview

After years of innovation and development, Komodo's multi-chain architecture overcomes the challenges faced by other smart-contract platforms.

The philosophy behind Komodo's multi-chain architecture relies on four pillars.

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability
  • Adaptability

With these four pillars in place, users of all types will find powerful, customizable solutions that will set your blockchain creativity free.


Enjoy the Protection of the Litecoin Hash Rate

Secure your project with the power of the Litecoin network via Komodo’s delayed proof of work security mechanism. Don’t waste time worrying about attackers.

  • Approximately every half hour, a hash of the developers blockchain is notarized to Litecoin
  • All transactions included in the hash are considered to have achieved finality
  • For the consensus mechanism, arbitrarily choose between a mixture of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake


Have a Blockchain All To Yourself. Want More Than One? No Problem

Developers and their users have a full Smart Chain all to themselves, and can combine any number of Smart Chains together into one cluster.

  • Developers and their users can securely own a full Smart Chain
  • Each Smart Chain is completely autonomous
  • If your project grows beyond the capacity of a single chain, simply add more
  • Scale your maximum transaction-per-second throughput into the millions, if desired
  • No gas fees. All transaction fees are paid in your Smart Chain’s coin


Link Your Smart Chain to Other Chains

Your project is interoperable with all others in the Komodo ecosystem, plus connected with over 99% of coins and tokens through Komodo’s industry-leading atomic-swap technology.

  • Komodo’s Multi-Chain Syncing feature allows you to scale out linearly on demand
  • Smart Chains can verify and update local state based on the activity of compatible Smart Chains
  • Transfer assets and tokens between compatible Smart Chains
  • Use Komodo's atomic-swap DEX software to trade your Smart Chain assets with Non-Smart assets.


Develop Your Smart Chain at Will

Adapt your blockchain to create a purpose-built solution that fits your individual needs. Receive all new features developed by Komodo to ensure your project is future-proofed.

  • Twenty-four different launch parameters are available to customize the functionality of your Smart Chain
  • Rely on the Antara framework to fully customize your Smart Chain with unique and arbitrary code within the consensus mechanism
  • Share and adopt code in Komodo's open-source community
  • Dispose of Smart Chains that become data-weight heavy, or transfer them to fresh Smart Chains for ease of use
  • No need for a virtual machine (VM) nor a VM-based programming language

With the Komodo architecture at your command, you are prepared to lift your Smart Chain software to levels never before seen in the blockchain industry. And, the innovation of the Komodo SDK makes connecting to the wider crrypto ecosystem a breeze, offering crooss-chain/cross-protocol DEX capabilities and non-custodial wallet solutions with just a few lines of config.

The Komodo Platform offers many free white-label applications that can help you bring your innovation to market faster.

  • Atomic-Swap powered Decentralized Exchange & Multi-Asset Wallet
  • Decentralized-Crowdfunding App
  • Custom Block Explorers
  • SPV Electrum Server Integration
  • Core Antara Modules

The best way to learn about Komodo is to use it for yourself.