Explore Komodo: Kickoff 📅 January Events

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

Explore Komodo: Kickoff 📅 January Events
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Get access to open discussions with the Komodo team helping shape what blockchain, crypto, and Komodo topics you want to be highlighted.

Explore Komodo: Kickoff - Save The Dates

As mentioned in our marketing roadmap blog post, Komodo is hosting a series of events throughout the 1st half of 2021. Explore Komodo: Kickoff is a set of 6 events happening in Komodo Discord and being live streamed out to our Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. We’ll be discussing all the Komodo activities happening in the first half of 2021, and giving our audience (yes that includes you) the opportunity to comment on what you’d like to see highlighted among the options we present - or bring some of your own ideas.

Each event in the schedule below has a 30-minute livestream session. These will be open discussions where we’re inviting everyone to share their opinions and join the conversation. This is an opportunity to play an active role in helping shape each month’s events.  

Set calendar reminders and save the date!

January 21 - Discover AtomicDEX (February Campaign Plan)

AtomicDEX adoption is a major focus for Komodo in the first half of 2021. Come join the discussions on how we’re planning to position adoption of this atomic swap based DEX technology and get a tour of the latest update and features.

Discussion Summary

January 22 - Social Media (March Campaign Plan)

Komodo is aggressively expanding its presence using digital content and social media marketing as its bread and butter campaign. The purpose of this discussion is to get feedback on which are the most important platforms to be active on and where Komodo has no presence but should be.

Discussion Summary

January 26 - Blockchain 101 Edu (April Campaign Plan)

A revamp of the Blockchain Fundamentals series as educational workshops will be happening in April. This event is all about discovering which topics should be included in these Blockchain 101 livestream courses.

Discussion Summary

January 28 - AtomicDEX Market Maker Program (May Campaign Plan)

During this session, we’ll be discussing what the current plans and strategies look like for getting liquidity providers onto AtomicDEX order books.  

Discussion Summary

January 29 - Komodo Summer Conference (June Campaign Plan)

Komodo is building a massive blockchain conferencing event for June 2021 where we’ll be focusing on various current blockchain/crypto-related topics, doing interviews with partners + projects in the space, and making some big announcements and reveals that we’ve been working on as well as reveal what’s coming for the second half of the year. Attend this open discussion to voice your opinion about what (and who) you’d like to see at the conference.

Discussion Summary

January 31 - Introducing New Komodo Website & AtomicDEX Stable Beta

The final of 6 events run during the Explore Komodo: Kickoff - here we’ll be showing off the new Komodo Website & the upcoming release of AtomicDEX.

New Website

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