Discover AtomicDEX (February Campaign Plan) - Discussion Summary

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

Discover AtomicDEX (February Campaign Plan) - Discussion Summary
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Throughout the Explore Komodo: Kickoff, we will have an accompanying set of blog posts that summarizes the feedback received from each open community discussion.

The notes below are suggestions from the Komodo community discussions on January 21, 2021. These are topics we will cover more in-depth during our February Campaign Plan, which focuses on user awareness and growth for AtomicDEX. Let your voice be heard on Komodo Discord and join our discussions.

Session 1 Livestream Playback

Product/Development Feature Suggestions

Troll Box - a fast way to know if someone is making orders

Maker/Taker Mechanism - Orders that don't switch to ‘maker’ jobs by default, but instead use fill or kill.

UI Reorganization -  Default list of pairs, possibly automatically aggregated by volume/trade activity (e.g. users picking Base/Rel as an option but not a default workflow).

DEX Stats In-app - Some info from the dexstats website could be placed on AtomicDEX itself (e.g. 24-hour trades, volume, arbitrage opportunities, etc.).

nSPV Support - Make KMD ecosystem coins easy to use with AtomicDEX.

Decentralized Options contracts - Extend expiration time to be the life of the option. Send fee to maker, maker sends funds to HTLC, taker has until the end of contract life to send final payment (complete swap) otherwise they forfeit fee and funds expire. Add feature for them to track percentage in-the-money or out-of-the-money, ie. if they should buy.

Advanced User Mode - Enable CLI interface from AtomicDEX

Cross-Community Collaboration Opportunities

  • AtomicDEX proposal to Project Catalyst, Cardano governance
  • More trading events/ stress tests, either monthly or bi-weekly.

Liquidity/ Market Making

  • mmbot has been in use for a long time on 3 nodes, just needs a path for people to use it for market making.
  • Rewards for volume per month
  • Need to find a way to incentivize market makers without increasing premiums.

Tutorials/ Content

  • A beginner-friendly video that shows how to install, launch, and use AtomicDEX

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