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Komodo is introducing the industry's first open, 
composable Smart Chain platform.

The blockchain industry must evolve,
and Komodo is leading the charge.


  • Komodo supports an infinite number of Smart Chains
  • Each Smart Chain exists independently of other chains
  • Smart Chains have their own network, consensus, and coin
Avoid Issues Like:
  • Congested Networks

  • High Transaction Fees

  • Lack of Scalability


  • Komodo's solutions are fully customizable and modular
  • Choose the right building blocks to create the perfect solution
  • Deploy your products quickly and independently
Avoid Issues Like:
  • Limited Functionality

  • Restricted Development

  • Inflexible Blockchain Solutions 


  • Komodo is open source and uses an open platform model
  • All third-party projects are free to exist without Komodo
  • Komodo is a customer-centric and business-friendly platform
Avoid Issues Like:
  • Vendor Lock-In

  • Platform Gas Fees

  • Dependence On External Teams

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Komodo Hosts Cutting-Edge Technology

Antara Framework

Framework for end-to-end blockchain development featuring Smart Chains, modules to implement business logic and an integration layer.

Delayed PoW

Delayed Proof of Work is a secondary consensus mechanism that recycles the giant hash rate of the Bitcoin network through a series of cross-chain notarizations.
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Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps are secure, peer-to-peer exchanges of digital assets. There are no middlemen, intermediaries, or centralized exchanges to deal with.
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Platform Sync

Platform Synchronizations allow cross-chain interaction throughout the ecosystem, enabling scalability and interoperability for all projects.
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An End-To-End Portfolio of Products & Services

Smart Chain Composer

The Antara Composer on AWS allows anyone to customize and launch a Smart Chain in less than 1 minute, complete with full seed and mining nodes.

Security Service

Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security mechanism recycles the giant hash rate of the Bitcoin network to provide security to every dPoW-protected chain.
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Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology is the only truly P2P form of trading available today. No centralized exchanges, middlemen, or third-parties.
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White-label Wallets

Komodo’s Antara Integration Layer offers several white label products to help you go to market faster, including a white label multi-asset wallet and several more solutions.
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Latest News

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Komodo Solution Providers

A driving force in blockchain technology evolution since 2014

November 2019

First AtomicDEX Stress Test Successfully Completed. The test provided the Komodo Development Team with an enormous amount of valuable data about potential bottlenecks in the networking layer.

July 2019

Komodo launches the Antara Smart Chain Composer, a tool to launch and deploy custom Smart Chains with just a few clicks.

July 2019

Komodo launches the public beta test of AtomicDEX, the industry's very first asset-agnostic mobile-native decentralized exchange built fully on atomic swaps.

March 2019

Komodo continues to build out the Custom Consensus module library, adding cutting-edge features like Dilithium quantum security and decentralized trustless oracles.

December 2018

Komodo successfully activated the largest-ever update to the Komodo code base, providing a huge technology boost to the entire ecosystem.

November 2018

Komodo releases Agama wallet on mobile for both Android and iOS and integrates ETH and over 100 ERC-20 tokens to the desktop version of Agama.

August 2018

Komodo implements the Custom Consensus framework, allowing Turing-complete code to modify a blockchain’s consensus rules on a case-by-case basis.

February 2018

Komodo bridges the gap between BTC-based coins and ERC-20 tokens, allowing direct atomic swaps between 95% of all coins and tokens.

October 2017

The Komodo team integrates Electrum SPV server support for atomic swaps, making it possible to do atomic swaps without downloading full blockchains.

March 2017

Komodo releases the first iteration of its atomic swap powered DEX, allowing rudimentary peer-to-peer swaps among BTC-protocol coins from a CLI.

January 2017

The Komodo mainnet is launched, delivering on what was promised: Bitcoin-level security, zero-knowledge privacy, and independent blockchain creation.

October 2016

The Komodo ICO begins, raising funds to make Komodo’s remarkable multi-chain vision a reality. Komodo’s ICO lasts 35 days and brings in a total of 2,639 BTC.

February 2016

Understanding the flaws of a single-chain platform architecture, jl777 issues his Blockchain Declaration of Independence and founds the Komodo Platform.

Year 2015

The NXT platform makes a series of major codebase upgrades that are not backward compatible. As a result, all of jl777’s backend code is no longer working.

Year 2014

James'jl777'Lee builds a proxy token gateway on the NXT platform that lets users trade NXT to BTC and other popular cryptocurrencies without trusted third parties.


Komodo is a proud member of the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance

BPSAA serves to unite dedicated, high quality teams, each with unique expertise and bound by the fervent belief that cross-platform cooperation between projects will synergistically offer value-added features to the development of new fintech solutions. Members of BPSAA are driven by a common ethos: interoperability amongst all. We set the standard for blockchain collaboration and innovation.
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