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Frequently Asked Questions

Komodo can best be described as an open-source technology workshop that focuses specifically on advancing freedom through blockchain innovation.

Komodo Wallet is the flagship end-user application that has emerged from the Komodo Workshop. Several robust open-source technologies have been produced in the Komodo Workshop, including the Komodo DeFi Framework, delayed Proof of Work (dPoW), UTXO smart contracts (CC modules), nSPV, and more.

Komodo’s open-source technologies enable developers to create cross-protocol DeFi applications such as multi-coin wallets, DEXs, and custom Initial DEX Offering (IDO) portals. We also provide the technical infrastructure for anyone to launch sovereign blockchains with no programming required. Check out our GitHub and developer documentation to learn more.

The best way to get started is to read the Komodo Handbook - our complete guide to learning everything about Komodo’s products & technologies, history, and community.

Visit our business page to learn more about Komodo’s end-to-end blockchain consulting and development. Fill out the contact form to reach out to our business team regarding partnership opportunities.

KMD is the community currency for the Komodo ecosystem and is used for scalable, fast, cheap, and secure transactions. Looking for a KMD wallet? The wallets page shows a list of all supported KMD wallets.

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