Social Media (March Campaign Plan) Discussion Summary

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

Social Media (March Campaign Plan) Discussion Summary
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

During today's open community discussion we talked about the best strategies for community engagement and asked what types of activities you want to participate in during the March campaign, which will focus on social media management.

A special shoutout to @paco, @brobrowniz, and @jspook16 for providing your opinions on Komodo Discord! Everyone can participate in these open discussions either in voice or chat.

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Text Summary

We can better leverage third-party sites like Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko by providing more frequent updates about Komodo.

While forums are a good place to start conversations, most threads typically have a half-life. Market research platforms are a good way to appeal to multiple audiences (e.g. developers, tech enthusiasts, and traders) and ensure that resources are in line with our current messaging. The focus should be to create a clear user journey by making sure links and content are up-to-date.

Twitter and YouTube are high quality places for surveys, and they tend to appeal to different audiences.

We will create a community engagement strategy that is high quality, minimal, and repeatable.

Participating in AMAs with other projects, creating a pathway for collaboration among influencers, and generating educational content about "What is Komodo" are a few ways in which we can reach new audiences and build awareness.

Running basic educational courses and making them free for community members is an effective way to hone our skills together.

Using a community improvement proposal board to identify the initiatives that community members are passionate about is one strategy to encourage active participation. We can structure the proposals via open problem statements.

One of the key objectives of the March event will be to run various campaigns and find social media managers for various social media channels.

A writers' workshop could pair well with social media initiatives.

Look at joining the Discord Partners Program.

Expand/have more frequent updates on Reddit and Bitcointalk.

Reach out for more reviews by established YouTube personas

Cross pollination with ecosystem projects such as Chips, Collider, and BPSAA.

RSS feed in AtomicDEX

Tech Talks!

Livestream Replays

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