Blockchain 101 Edu (April Campaign Plan) Discussion Summary

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

Blockchain 101 Edu (April Campaign Plan) Discussion Summary

During today's open community discussion we talked about the topics we want to cover during the April campaign, which will focus on blockchain 101 education.

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Text Summary of Workshop Suggestions

  • Learn the basics of popular programming languages (e.g. Java)
  • Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Understanding how blockchain transactions work (e.g. how to use a wallet, best security practices)
  • Guides for using AtomicDEX (sending and receiving funds on the non-custodial wallet and making atomic swaps)
  • Guides for launching a blockchain, running nodes, and other technical/hands-on tasks
  • Cryptographic & Blockchain Security - What makes blockchains secure or insecure
  • Content creation workshops (videos, blogs, and infographics) that can be used to help crypto newcomers avoid common mistakes
  • Expansion of the Blockchain Fundamentals series to cover new topics
  • Creation of a webinar that expands our current blog content (e.g. an overview of the Decentralized Internet & Web 3.0).
  • Guide to how blockchain is revolutionizing personal finance and changing the global economic system

Thanks to John Shahla who suggested topics through Komodo YouTube.

Livestream Replay

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