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Interacting with Komodo Chains

Initiate the komodod daemon by calling it from the command line and including any desired runtime parameters.

When initiating any Smart Chain other than the main KMD chain, the user should always include all parameters that were used to create the Smart Chain.

Note to Windows Users: Replace ./komodod and ./komodo-cli with komodod.exe and komodo-cli.exe for each step.

To launch the main KMD chain, execute the following command in the directory where komodod is installed.

./komodod &

After the daemon launches, you may interact with it using the komodo-cli software.

./komodo-cli API_COMMAND

To launch another Smart Chain, include the necessary parameters.

IMPORTANT Always execute the launch command EXACTLY as indicated, and as the Smart Chain's developers instruct. If you make a mistake, you must delete the Smart Chain data and re-launch to regain access to the Smart Chain's network.

For example, to launch the DEX Smart Chain, execute:

./komodod -ac_name=DEX -ac_supply=999999 -addnode= &

To interact with the DEX daemon, use komodo-cli like so:

./komodo-cli -ac_name=DEX API_COMMAND

In the terminal you can call the Komodo documentation by executing:

./komodo-cli help

To learn more via the terminal about a specific API command, execute:

./komodo-cli help API_COMMAND

To access a coin daemon remotely -- for example, via a curl command in the shell -- the user will need to obtain the rpcuser, rpcpassword, and rpcport from the .conf file of the relevant coin daemon.

Assuming the default installation location, the .conf file can be found by exploring the following directories:

Operating SystemDirectory
MacOS~/Library/Application Support/Komodo

Within this directory there are also subdirectories containing all KMD-compatible .conf files used on this node.

Contents of a KMD .conf file: