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Debug Komodo Daemon

To run Komodo in debug mode, and help developers troubleshoot issues, please follow these steps:

These steps are including notary node references in komodod command, but in case you are not a notary node, you don't need to include those command parameters.

sudo apt-get install gdb

Just add the command gdb -args before the launch parameters for the daemon.

If you normally start the daemon using the command ./src/komodod -gen -genproclimit=2 -notary -pubkey="03af2412ebf9517a43d192193490476fd0a44312c70755e07eb03b6d71338ebc9d", then to get a backtrace from it, execute:

gdb -args  ./src/komodod -gen -genproclimit=2 -notary -pubkey="03af2412ebf9517a43d192193490476fd0a44312c70755e07eb03b6d71338ebc9d"

If you have trouble getting it started, try using the full path to the executable.

The above command initializes debugging.

Once you see the gdb> command prompt, type run to start komodo in debug mode.

When the daemon crashes, either by itself or after you issue a RPC command, you'll see a gdb> prompt again along with some output from the komodod daemon itself.

Type backtrace and and it will output debug information that must be shared with a developer.