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A Note to Exchanges

When the Komodo daemon (komodod) is started with the parameter called -exchange, the daemon ignores the rewards that can be collected from a UTXO when it is used in a transaction. This allows exchanges to manage their account balances against their accounting software without any modification during account reconciliation.

If you normally start the daemon using the command:

./src/komodod -addnode= -daemon

adding the - parameter -exchange will make it:

./src/komodod -addnode= -exchange -daemon

This post on Bitcointalk gives the context related to addition of the parameter to Komodo: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.msg17732151#msg17732151

If you were already running the normal mode, to enable the parameter,

  1. Backup all privkeys (launch komodod with -exportdir=<path> and run ./komodo-cli dumpwallet <filename>)
  2. Start a totally new sync including a new wallet.dat, launch with the same exportdir and the parameter
  3. Stop it before it gets too far and import all the privkeys backed up during step a) using ./komodo-cli importwallet <filename>
  4. Resume sync till it gets to chaintip

For example:

./komodod -exportdir=/tmp &
./komodo-cli dumpwallet example
./komodo-cli stop
mv ~/.komodo ~/.komodo.old && mkdir ~/.komodo && cp ~/.komodo.old/komodo.conf ~/.komodo.old/peers.dat ~/.komodo
./komodod -exchange -exportdir=/tmp &
./komodo-cli importwallet /tmp/example