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Introducing pivotal network enhancements to pave the way for an evolved DEX P2P network, Komodo DeFi Framework 2.0.0-beta marks a strategic step forward. This release not only streamlines network performance but also introduces a deflationary aspect to KMD, underscoring its utility and value in Komodo Platform's expanding ecosystem.


  • KMD Burn:
    • Burning 25% of the taker fee when paid in KMD was implemented by @onur-ozkan #2006
  • Swap watcher nodes (only for UTXO/UTXO swaps):
    • For UTXO/UTXO swaps, watcher nodes will either complete the swap for taker or refund the taker payment if the taker goes offline after sending their payment. This was implemented by @caglaryucekaya in #1457 #1496 #1523 #1552
    • Using watcher nodes for swaps were enabled by default for UTXO/UTXO swaps by @caglaryucekaya. All nodes doing a swap will broadcast a watcher message after the taker payment is sent if both coins swapped are supported by watchers (currently only UTXO) #1859


  • Network Enhancements:
    • P2P layer was upgraded to use the latest stable libp2p version by @onur-ozkan #1878
    • 7777 network was deprecated by @onur-ozkan #2020.
    • Seednodes for netid 8762 were updated by @smk762 #2024
    • libp2p-yamux was updated by @onur-ozkan to use yamux v0.13 (new version) by default and to fall back to yamux v0.12 (old version) when setting any configuration options #2030
    • The backpressure buffer cap was increased from 25 to 256 by @onur-ozkan #2030
    • New protocol version (Version2) was added by @onur-ozkan to be used for peer exchange and request-response behaviours in #2030
    • Network information is now written to stdout so users can find mm2 ports easily @onur-ozkan #2034
  • NFT feature was released in v1.0.6-beta, this release adds significant enhancements to this feature:
    • exclude_spam and exclude_phishing params were added for get_nft_list and get_nft_transfers RPCs by @laruh #1959
    • Spam transfers with empty meta was fixed by @laruh to no longer update #1989
  • version method was added to PUBLIC_METHODS that require no login by @smk762 #2001
  • An additional PRICE_ENDPOINTS url which is a cached copy of https://prices.komodian.info/api/v2/tickers and is updated every minute was added by @smk762 #2032

Bug Fixes:

  • ARRR/Pirate:
    • ARRR infrastructure for lightwallet servers uses a fork of lightwalletd, the grpc service was renamed by @smk762 from cash.z.wallet.sdk.rpc to pirate.wallet.sdk.rpc to use the lightwalletd fork #1963
    • Previous blocks/wallet sync was fixed by @borngraced to be resumed if sync_params are not provided after restart #1967
  • EVM web3 requests timeout was reduced to 20s by @shamardy #1973
  • Fixed 0.0001 min threshold for TakerFee was removed by @shamardy #1971
  • The minimum trading volume for evm and tendermint was changed to be the smallest possible amount of the coin by @shamardy #1971
  • Minimum trading price was reduced by @shamardy to be any value above 0 #1971
  • Cryptocondition script type was added to utxo transactions by @shamardy #1991
  • On response error the next web3 node is now tried @shamardy #1998
  • Watchtower taker-side restart bug was fixed by @caglaryucekaya #1908
  • rpcport value can now accept a string @shamardy #2026

  • 7777 Network deprecation and the upgrade to a new p2p layer breaks compatibility with previous versions of Komodo DeFi Framework. Connections between nodes/clients running an older version of Komodo DeFi Framework and nodes/clients running this version will not be possible. To avoid this, all nodes/clients must be upgraded to the latest version of Komodo DeFi Framework.
  • Because of KMD burn of a part of the taker fee, the taker fee outputs for any coin/KMD swap are changed and makers running older versions will not be able to validate the taker fee, this will cause the swap to fail. This case will never happen anyway because older versions will not be able to connect to this latest version due to the network upgrade.
  • Because of the removal of the fixed 0.0001 min threshold for TakerFee, taker fee validation will also fail for these cases. Again, this case will never happen as the previous case.


  • Using a specific start date for Pirate/ARRR synchronization was added by @borngraced. This allows users to specify a specific date as the starting point for synchronization as a substitute for the checkpoint block from config or syncing from the first block #1922

Bug Fixes:

  • PoSV coins withdrawal was fixed by @reddink. The issue was a missing n_time field in the generated transaction. The fix now correctly considers when n_time is required, and the rawtransaction can be broadcasted #1925
  • Tendermint tests were fixed by @onur-ozkan by using latest relayer channel #1929
  • Price service urls were updated by @smk762 #1928
  • NFT transactions that transfer multiple NFT tokens were fixed in db by @shamardy. log_index is now used as part of the transfers history table primary key #1926
  • A fix was introduced by @shamardy to use kmd rewards for fees if change + interest is below dust threshold #1944
  • Debug info was removed from release binary by @onur-ozkan to reduce the file size #1954
  • Failing tests due to BCHD were ignored by @shamardy #1955

New Features:

  • NFT Wallet APIs for ERC721/ERC1155 tokens using Moralis Web3 was added by @laruh for multiple EVM chains to enable developers to access real-time NFT data and metadata from various blockchains without building their own backend services in #1652 #1704 #1775 #1817 #1823 #1833 #1877


  • HTTPS support was added for the RPC server by @shamardy in #1861
  • Infrastructure DNS rotation for default seed nodes was done by @ca333 in #1868
  • Price endpoints were updated by @laruh in #1869
  • IBC and standard withdrawals for Cosmos now allow users to specify the gas price and gas limit for each transaction @ozkanonur #1894
  • CI enhancements by @ozkanonur
    • The time needed for CI completion was reduced by caching the downloaded dependencies in #1880
    • Label validation on PRs was added. This validation will only succeed if one of the following labels is used but not both: under review or in progress #1881
    • A CI job was added to check if mm2 version was bumped before merging any pull request to main in #1899
    • All CI tests now run with the --no-fail-fast flag, allowing other tests to proceed despite any failures #1907

Bug Fixes:

  • Some RUSTSEC advisories were fixed by @ozkanonur in #1853
  • Orderbook response now returns the right age for the age field, this was fixed by @rozhkovdmitrii in #1851
  • A bug that caused best_orders rpc to return is_mine: false for the user's orders was fixed by @rozhkovdmitrii in #1849
    • An optional parameter exclude_mine was also added to the best_orders request that allows users to exclude their own orders from the response.
    • exclude_mine defaults to false to maintain the same behaviour before the PR.
  • A fix removed the passed config string from the error logs during mm2 initialization if there was a deserialization error was done by @shamardy in #1872
  • Index out of bounds errors in the tx_details_by_hash functions was fixed by @shamardy in #1915

  • Deprecated wasm-timer dependency was removed from atomicDEX-API tree by @ozkanonur in #1836
  • log, getrandom and wasm-bindgen dependencies were updated to more recent versions that are inline with the latest libp2p upstream by @ozkanonur in #1837
  • A CI lint pipeline was added that validates pull request titles to ensure that they comply with the conventional commit specifications by @ozkanonur in #1839
  • KMD AUR were reduced from 5% to 0.01% starting at nS7HardforkHeight to comply with KIP-0001 by @shamardy in #1841

  • Some enhancements were done for enable_bch_with_tokens, enable_eth_with_tokens, enable_tendermint_with_assets RPCs by @shamardy in #1762
    • A new parameter get_balances was added to the above methods requests, when this parameter is set to false, balances will not be returned in the response. The default value for this parameter is true to ensure backward compatibility.
    • Token balances requests are now performed concurrently for the above methods.
  • Passive parent coin state for keeping tokens active when platform is disabled was added by @ozkanonur in #1763
  • Detection of a chain reorganization for SPV was added by @borngraced @shamardy. If a chain reorg occurs, the new best chain headers are re-downloaded and re-validated #1728
  • Optimization of release compilation profile for mm2 was done by @ozkanonur in #1821
  • PoSV support for UTXO coins was added by @reddink in #1815

  • adex tool was introduced #1729
  • bump mm2 to v1.0.2-beta #1743
  • bump mm2 to v1.0.3-beta #1769
  • [release] v1.0.3 #1771

  • adex-cli command line utility was introduced that supplies commands: init, start, stop, status #1729
  • CI/CD workflow logics are improved #1736
  • Project root is simplified/refactored #1738
  • Created base image to provide more glibc compatible pre-built binaries for linux #1741
  • Set default log level as "info" #1747

  • 2 Update pirate & zombie domains for tests #1705
  • 2 lock free avoid on account sequence problems #1694
  • sec fixes, build-time optimizations, dependency optimizations, CI migration, etc #1699
  • [release] 1.0.1-beta #1721

  • 2 spv storage optimization #1 #1585
  • [doc] update mobile build instructions #1661
  • 2 disable_coin should fail if there are tokens dependent on the platform #1651
  • 2 fix vulnerable dependencies #1666
  • Bugfix pubkey keepalive overflow and "forever orders" #1668
  • 2 Hardware Wallet enhancements #1672
  • 2 Complete MetaMask #1674
  • Add workflow for VirusTotal results #1676
  • 2 refactor version handling #1686
  • [release] 1.0.0-beta #1576

  • Don't respond to GetKnownPeers p2p msg if the number of peers requested exceeds the default number by @shamardy in #1445
  • [r2r] Avoid deadlock on DuplexMutex by @sergeyboyko0791 in #1453
  • [r2r] Mobile libs code fixes, build instructions and CI. by @artemii235 in #1463
  • [r2r] hotfix: disallow withdraw to taproot addresses by @shamardy in #1503
  • update cc and cmake dependencies to be compatible with Visual Studio … by @DeckerSU in #1532
  • [r2r] Don't return an error if a UTXO coin is enabled with trezor_coin field by @sergeyboyko0791 in #1541

  • Target-branch added for dependabot in mm2.1 by @laruh in #1426
  • Skip orders not existing in orders_set instead of using expect. by @artemii235 in #1430
  • Fix ARRR activation. More info to activation statuses. Check point block by @artemii235 in #1439