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The my_swap_status method returns the data of an atomic swap executed on an Komodo DeFi Framework API node.

params uuidstringthe uuid of swap, typically received from the buy/sell call

eventsarray of objectsA standard SwapEvent object. Events which occurred for a swap. See Maker Events and Taker Events for more info.
success_eventsarray of stringsa list of events that gained a success swap state; the contents are listed in the order in which they should occur in the events array
error_eventsarray of stringsa list of events that fell into an error swap state; if at least 1 of the events happens, the swap is considered a failure
typestringwhether the node acted as a market Maker or Taker
uuidstringswap uuid
guistring (optional)information about gui; copied from Komodo DeFi Framework API configuration (MM2.json)
mm_versionstring (optional)Komodo DeFi Framework API version
maker_coinstring (optional)ticker of maker coin
taker_coinstring (optional)ticker of taker coin
maker_amountstring (numeric, optional)the amount of coins to be swapped by maker
taker_amountstring (numeric, optional)the amount of coins to be swapped by taker
my_infoobject (optional)this object maps event data to make displaying swap data in a GUI simpler (my_coin, my_amount, etc.)
recoverableboolwhether the swap can be recovered using the recover_funds_of_swap API command. Important note: The Komodo DeFi Framework API does not record the state regarding whether the swap was recovered or not. The Komodo DeFi Framework API allows as many calls to the recover_funds_of_swap method as necessary, in case of errors
my_order_uuidstring (uuid, optional)the uuid of order that matched to start the swap

  "method": "my_swap_status",
  "params": {
    "uuid": "d14452bb-e82d-44a0-86b0-10d4cdcb8b24"
  "userpass": "RPC_UserP@SSW0RD"