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Chapter 15 - RPC based dAPPS

Ultimately, I expect there to be so many new rpc calls (one set from each CC contract), that virtually any dapp can be made with rpc calls. We are just at the beginning now, but it is just a matter of time when we get there.

For now, we just need to keep listening to what the market wants as far as dapps go. Then make a new CC contract that enables doing as many of those as possible.


Imagine the scope that will exist after a year or two of continuous new CC contracts being created, along with all the rpc based dapps. I have seen some automatic GUI generators and it could be that for most cases, there can be a special GUI that not only create the dapp's GUI, but also all the rpc calls that are needed to make it work the way it is customized.

This codebase and tools in between the GUI and the rpc level will be a very good area for new initiatives.