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Introduction to Antara

Welcome to the Antara technical documentation.

This documentation is intended for developers learning about, building, and interacting with the Antara framework.

A brief conceptual overview of the Antara framework can be found in the Start Here > Product Introductions > Smart Chains & Antara section.

Link to "Smart Chains & Antara" Introduction

The Antara Tutorials section contains more thorough conceptual explanations of Antara.

Please consult our Learning Path Outlines section for more details on approaches to learning Antara from both a conceptual and technical perspective.

The Antara Setup section contains basic information about setting up and using an Antara-enabled environment. Example topics include:

The Antara Tutorials section contains various tutorials that provide instruction for Antara usage and creation.

For a walkthrough covering multiple tutorials in a targeted fashion, please see the Learning Launchpad section.

The Antara API section contains all available API commands for all default Antara modules.

These API commands can also be called Remote Procedure Calls, or RPCs.