Komodo’s Eighth Annual Notary Node Election

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo’s Eighth Annual Notary Node Election
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Komodo Team is excited to announce details of the Eighth Annual Notary Node Election.

Candidates: The window to submit a candidate proposal is from June 1, 2024, to June 14, 2024, 23:59:59 UTC.

Voters: Election begins on June 14, 2024, and ends with the first notarized block (inclusive) after July 1, 2024, 23:59:59 UTC.

Notary Nodes and dPoW Overview

Notary Nodes are 64 dedicated servers that are elected annually by the Komodo community. They are responsible for running delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) — a security mechanism that recycles the hash rate of the Litecoin network through a series of cross-chain notarizations.

dPoW has successfully defended against real 51% attack attempts and currently secures over 30 production blockchains, protecting several hundred million dollars in value.

Notary Node (NN) Election Timeline

There will be a live election count on community-run websites such as dexstats.info. Ask any questions in the notarynode channel on Komodo Discord.

We'll update the calendar with info regularly during the election.

✅ = milestone completed

May 17, 2024

— Election Announcement ✅

May 31, 2024

— KMD Snapshot for VOTE2024 ✅
— Season 7 Scoring Ends ✅

June 1, 2024

— Season 8 Candidate Proposal Window Opens ✅

June 7, 2024

— Season 7 Auto-election Winners Announced ✅
— VOTE2024 Airdrop ✅

June 14, 2024

— Season 8 Candidate Proposal Window Closes
— Season 8 Election Starts

July 1, 2024

— Season 8 Election Ends

July 7, 2024

— Season 8 Election Winners Announced

July 14, 2024

— Season 8 Election Winners Pubkey Deadline

August 14, 2024

— Komodo Daemon Season 8 Update Released

September 14, 2024

— Komodo Network Update/dPoW Season 8 Starts

Notary Node Election regions
Green: NA, Yellow: EU, Red: SH, Blue: AR

How To Become A Candidate

Candidates don’t need to be a current member of the Komodo community or know anything at all about the inner workings of Komodo’s technology.

Starting in Season 7 (2023), the cost of running a Notary Node decreased roughly 25 to 30% due to optimization of server resources needed.

Candidates must own or have access to one computer that meets the following requirements:

  • OS: Linux is mandatory. Ubuntu 20.x or Debian 11.x recommended.
  • CPU: A High-Performance CPU, e.g. Xeon, i7/i9, Ryzen, EPYC, etc.
  • RAM: 64GB or more
  • Disk: 1TB SSD or greater
  • Bandwidth: 100Mbps or higher

In order to run in the Notary Node Election, all candidates must submit a written proposal to the Notary Node repository on GitHub. Proposals can contain, among other things, a brief bio, motivations for running in the election, and planned contributions to the Komodo ecosystem.

At a minimum, a candidate’s proposal must state which region they are running in and post an address to which KMD community members can send VOTE2024 tokens. Candidates may choose to run for one seat in one of the four regions. That means that, at most, an individual candidate can seek 1 Notary Node position in their first election participation.

Those who would like to run in the 2024 Notary Node Election must announce their candidacy by June 14, 2024, 23:59:59 UTC.

In general, the Komodo community elects Notary Node Operators who are committed to the development of the ecosystem. If your primary motivation is personal financial gain, you may find it difficult to garner support.

Conversely, even if you are an ardent supporter of the Komodo ecosystem, you may fail to win a seat if your technical skills are lacking. A balance of both attributes — dedication to the Komodo ecosystem and strong technical abilities — is the ideal combination.

For more information about running in the election, please see the documentation for setting up a Notary Node and read the Notary Node Bible, which contains more information about the duties and responsibilities of a Notary Node Operator.

If you’re interested in becoming a candidate in the Notary Node Election, please join Komodo Discord to connect with the team and other community members. The community is more than happy to answer questions and provide support.

Candidate Node Eligibility

Category Auto re-elected Proposal Eligbility Max Nodes
Regional Top 3 1 per region 2 per top 5 node 6
Regional Top 5 0 2 per top 5 node 6
Other S6 Notaries 0 1 per prior region +1 5
Returning Veterans 0 2 2
New Candidates 0 1 1

Season 7 Autoelection Winners

Congrats to the Season 7 autoelection winners!

🏆= automatically win one Season 8 Notary Node seat
➕= eligible to run for an additional Season 8 Notary Node seat

EU Region

Place Notary Name
1 🏆➕ Smdmitry
2 🏆 ➕ Alien
3 🏆➕ Van
4 ➕ Chmex
5 ➕ Computergenie

NA Region

Place Notary Name
1 🏆➕ Alienx
2 🏆 ➕ Alien
3 🏆➕ Blackice
4 ➕ Chmex
5 ➕ Who-biz

SH Region

Place Notary Name
1 🏆➕ Kmdude
2 🏆 ➕ Smdmitry
3 🏆➕ Alien
4 ➕ Sheeba
5 ➕ Sheeba2

AR Region

Place Notary Name
1 🏆➕ Smdmitry
2 🏆 ➕ Fediakash
3 🏆➕ Smdmitry2
4 ➕ Blackice
5 ➕ Blackice2

VOTE2024 Wallet Support

The following wallets support/ will support VOTE2024 tokens:

Komodo Wallet (web)

Komodo Wallet (desktop)

Komodo Wallet (mobile)

Verus Desktop ***

Komodo Ocean QT ***

Trezor via Komodo Wallet (web)

Ledger via wallet.kmd.io

***Note: If you're using Verus Desktop or Komodo Ocean QT, you'll need to follow additional instructions to import VOTE2024 tokens.

VOTE2024 token chain params:

-ac_name=VOTE2024 -ac_public=1 -ac_supply=149826699 -ac_staked=10 -addnode=

Previous Elections

First Annual NN Election (2017)

Second Annual NN Election (2018)

Third Annual NN Election (2019)

Fourth Annual NN Election (2020)

Fifth Annual NN Election (2021)

Sixth Annual NN Election (2022)

Seventh Annual NN Election (2023)

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