Komodo Takes Three More Giant Steps Towards Mass Adoption

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo Takes Three More Giant Steps Towards Mass Adoption
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

For Komodo Platform, 2018 continues to be the year of mass adoption.

In June, Komodo was listed on Bitpanda, a European crypto exchange that provides a direct fiat gateway to KMD. Users in the EU can use Bitpanda to buy KMD with SEPA transfers or a Mastercard. Bitpanda also allows anyone to buy KMD with cash at over 400 post office locations throughout Austria.

Later, in July, Komodo established a partnership with Netcoins. This partnership makes KMD available for purchase with fiat currencies at over 21,000 physical locations across 3 continents. It also gives users the option to sell their KMD tokens for fiat currency with Netcoins’ over-the-counter trading desks.

Then, in August, Komodo took two big steps towards mass adoption with integration to Cred, a crypto-focused micro-investing app, and a partnership with Peer2Group, a fiat gateway for decentralized applications and a distributed economy.

The partnership with Peer2Group brought integration to Peer2Krd, a service that loads prepaid debit cards in exchange for KMD tokens. In essence, Peer2Krd lets users spend KMD tokens as if they were a fiat currency.

Now, Komodo Platform continues upon the progress made with three more giant steps towards mass adoption.

KMD Is Integrated Into CoinFlip ATMs

Komodo is pleased to announce that KMD coins have been integrated into CoinFlip’s network of cryptocurrency ATMs.

Based in Skokie, Illinois, CoinFlip has both one-way and two-way ATMs across thirteen different states in the USA. Two-way ATMs allow users to make both purchases and sales of seven different cryptocurrencies, including KMD.

Komodo Business Development Manager Jason Brown noted the importance of fiat gateways for Komodo: “There are very few ways to enter altcoins from fiat or to convert from altcoins back into fiat and, because of this, a large proportion of potential users of Komodo are being shut out. Integrations such as that with CoinFlip allows us to expand beyond the pool of early technology investors into businesses and consumers.”

Mr. Brown also emphasized Komodo’s dedication to mass adoption, stating that “part of Komodo Platform’s commitment to bringing forth blockchain technology to the people is enabling ease of access into the Komodo ecosystem.”

CoinFlip CEO Daniel Polotsky also expressed enthusiasm about working with Komodo Platform. "The CoinFlip Team is excited to announce its partnership with Komodo,” said Mr. Polotsky. “We hope to significantly extend the crypto's reach while also continuing to offer the most cash/crypto pairs at the lowest rates."

Komodo looks forward to an ongoing relationship with CoinFlip.

Komodo Launches KMD Exchange With CoinSwitch

In March of this year, Komodo was listed on CoinSwitch, a cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 275 coins and tokens and boasts more than 45,000 trading pairs.

Now, Komodo and CoinSwitch have teamed up to launch a KMD dedicated exchange that allows users to trade for KMD at the lowest possible rate without having to register at a centralized crypto exchange.

It essentially works like a search engine of crypto exchanges, searching for the best rates at which KMD can be traded. Then, traders can make transactions without having to go through the lengthy and intrusive registration process that most centralized exchanges require.

Komodo is excited to offer this CoinSwitch-powered trading opportunity to all users. Lowering barriers to entry into the KMD ecosystem is an important focus for the Komodo team. This new KMD-dedicated exchange is another big step towards mass adoption.

Komodo And Peer2Group Continue To Collaborate

Komodo Platform and Peer2Group are continuing to collaborate with two recent developments.

First, Peer2Cash, a digital currency exchange with a fiat gateway, added support for KMD coins. Users who have a European bank account capable of sending and receiving SEPA transfers are eligible to use Peer2Cash’s fiat gateway. Komodo is happy to add yet another fiat gateway for KMD coins.

Second, the same people that brought the Peer2Group project to life are making use of Komodo’s technology to launch an independent blockchain in a new project called Pungo. The Pungo crowdfund began on September 15. Pungo tokens will serve as a primary currency for all Peer2Group products and services, including Peer2Krd and Peer2Cash, among others.

Pungo Tokens will be backed by the capital raised in the crowdfund as well as the 0.2% transaction fees collected from transactions that occur within the Peer2Group ecosystem. In addition, the Pungo team runs two Komodo notary nodes and will be donating 10% of their notary node mining rewards to the Pungo fund.

This fund will ensure the value of Pungo tokens and support buybacks from the community. Users may request to sell their tokens back to the Pungo foundation at any point in time. Once purchased in a buyback, Pungo tokens will be sent to an unusable burn address.

Pungo has already leveraged Komodo's technology to launch a multi-coin wallet. The Pungo wallet is available for download for Android users and will soon be available for iOS users, as well. The wallet holds several different cryptocurrencies and is compatible with all of Peer2Group's services.

After the crowdfund is complete, Pungo will airdrop 2% of its total token supply to KMD holders. An additional 3% will be airdropped to the addresses that voted for Peer2Group in a prior Komodo community election that selected a third-party project to receive support from Komodo.

As Komodo Platform continues to build upon its history of innovation and commitment to execution, mass adoption is a primary focus. It is one of the most effective methods to make Komodo’s cutting-edge technology useful and valuable. Expect plenty more progress with regard to mass adoption.

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