Bitpanda to list Komodo, giving KMD a Fiat Gateway

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Bitpanda to list Komodo, giving KMD a Fiat Gateway

We're delighted to announce that Bitpanda has decided to list KMD on their exchange. Bitpanda allows purchases of crypto to be made with fiat, via SEPA or Mastercard. This means that users can now buy KMD with fiat currency!komodo bitpanda

This direct fiat gateway will make buying KMD cheaper and easier than ever before. Previously, those who wanted to purchase KMD needed to buy BTC first and then swap it for KMD, adding an extra step and an additional round of transaction fees. Now, users in Europe can simply use Bitpanda to buy KMD with fiat.

This is just one of several developments promoting the mass adoption of KMD in 2018. Komodo also established a partnership with Netcoins, which allows users to buy KMD with fiat currency at more than 21,000 physical locations on 3 continents.

Here's a 3-minute read on Medium written by Eric Demuth, Co-Founder and CEO at Bitpanda.

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