About Komodo
About Komodo


Launching a decentralized exchange, crypto wallet, or other DeFi products can be complex, expensive, and time-consuming. That's why we created the Komodo DeFi Framework - an easy solution for building innovative blockchain applications.

We offer the widest cross-chain, cross-protocol support in blockchain, compatible with 99% of cryptocurrencies.

About Komodo

Build A Non-Custodial Wallet

  • A secure place to store thousands of cryptocurrencies

  • Have control of your private keys, own your own coins

  • Supported on mobile, desktop, and command-line

About Komodo

Launch A Cross-Protocol Decentralized Exchange

  • The widest cross-protocol support in the blockchain sector

  • A peer-to-peer network powered by atomic swap technology

  • No restrictions on trading pairs, trade any coin for another coin

About Komodo

Develop An Enterprise-Ready DeFi Platform

  • A custom IDO Portal or marketplace solution

  • Combine with other Komodo products for additional functionality

  • Option to work with the Komodo team on bespoke solutions

Combine With Other Komodo Solutions

About Komodo

Komodo Smart Chains

The ultimate solution for building independent, customizable, and feature-rich blockchains. Create a chain and native coin for any use case: stablecoins, privacy, DeFi, and more

About Komodo

dPoW Blockchain Security

Our signature blockchain security solution for defending against 51% attacks. Protects 30 production blockchains and secures billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies

Join Our Growing Ecosystem

Your Gateway To The Crypto Metaverse - an API for
crypto communities, wallet providers, and exchanges

Benefits of Building With the Komodo DeFi Framework


Provides a decentralized solution for connecting blockchains together. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Dogecoin, and dozens of other networks are currently supported!

Universal Order Books

Robust market-making solutions and a unified liquidity pool ensure order books operate efficiently

Automatic Upgrades

Get the latest features and enhancements for your product whenever the Komodo DeFi Framework is updated


the Komodo DeFi Framework is open-source. Use our technology to build what you want

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Reach out to us to launch a branded DEX for your crypto community

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The Komodo team is available to work together with your organization to launch your product


  Have Questions?  Read our deep dive into the technology behind the Komodo DeFi Framework