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Telegram Alerts for Market Maker Bot

The Komodo DeFi Framework API Market Maker bot can be configured to send status update alerts via Telegram!

To set this up, you can add some additional parameters to your MM2.json as shown in the example below

	"gui": "MarketMakerBot",
	"netid": 8762,
	"rpc_password": "YOUR_PASSWORD",
	"passphrase": "YOUR SEED PHRASE",
	"dbdir": "/path/to/your/komodefi/DB",
	"message_service_cfg": {
		"telegram": {
			"api_key": "YOUR:TELEGRAM_API_TOKEN",
			"chat_registry": {
				"default": "YOUR_TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID",
				"maker_bot": "YOUR_TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID",
				"swap_events": "YOUR_TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID"

The extra fields required are:

api_keystringA Telegram bot API token
chat_registry.defaultstringA Telegram Chat ID
chat_registry.maker_botstringA Telegram Chat ID
chat_registry.swap_eventsstringA Telegram Chat ID

You can use the same Telegram chat ID for all three chat_registry subfields, or sent your alerts to a different chat ID if you want to separate the alerts by type.

To get a Telegram bot API token, you need to have chat with the BotFather

To get a Telegram chat ID, check out this guide