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ZHTLC Coin Transaction History

To get the transaction history for ZHTLC coins, you need to use this special method - the v2 my_tx_history and legacy my_tx_history methods are not compatible with ZHTLC coins. Currently trasaction memos will not be displayed in output, though they can be added to outgoing transactions with the task::withdraw methods.

coinstringTicker of the coin to get history for.
limitintegerOptional. Limits the number of returned transactions. Defaults to 10. Ignored if max = true.
paging_options.FromIdstringOptional. Komodo DeFi Framework API will skip records until it reaches this ID, skipping the from_id as well; track the internal_id of the last displayed transaction to find the value of this field for the next page
paging_options.PageNumberintegerOptional. Komodo DeFi Framework API will return limit swaps from the selected page. Ignored if FromId .

transactionsarray of objectstransactions data
from_idstringthe from_id specified in the request; this value is null if from_id was not set
skippednumberthe number of skipped records (i.e. the position of from_id in the list + 1); this value is 0 if from_id was not set
limitnumberthe limit that was set in the request; note that the actual number of transactions can differ from the specified limit (e.g. on the last page)
totalnumberthe total number of transactions available
page_numbernumberthe page_number that was set in the request
total_pagesnumbertotal pages available with the selected limit
current_blocknumberthe number of the latest block of coin blockchain
sync_statusobjectA standard SyncStatus object. Provides the information that helps to track the progress of transaction history preloading at background

ZHTLC Coin Transaction History

  "userpass": "RPC_UserP@SSW0RD",
  "method": "z_coin_tx_history",
  "mmrpc": "2.0",
  "params": {
    "coin": "ARRR",
    "limit": 2,
    "paging_options": {
      "PageNumber": 2