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ZHTLC Coin Methods

ZHTLC coins, like Pirate (ARRR) and the test coin ZOMBIE take a little longer to enable, and use a new two step method to enable. Activation can take a little while the first time, as we need to download some block cache data, and build a wallet database. Subsequent enabling will be faster, but still take a bit longer than other coins. The second step for activation is optional, but allows us to check the status of the activation process.

To activate ZHTLC coins, you need to use the task::enable_z_coin methods:

To withdraw ZHTLC coins, you need to use the task::withdraw methods:

ZHTLC coins are not compatible with the v2 my_tx_history and legacy my_tx_history methods. To get the transaction history for ZHTLC coins, you need to use the z_coin_tx_history method.