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Refresh NFT Metadata

This method refreshes metadata of one NFT and metadata of related transactions with the same token_address and token_id.

chainstringChains which holds the NFT you would like to updated metadata for.
urlstringURL link to the Moralis API proxy base url (https://moralis-proxy.komodo.earth) or equivalent.
token_addressstringToken address.
token_idstringToken ID.
url_antispamstringURL link to the Antispam API proxy base url or equivalent. docs.

If there are no errors, this request will return an empty response.

Refresh NFT Metadata

  "userpass": "RPC_UserP@SSW0RD",
  "method": "refresh_nft_metadata",
  "mmrpc": "2.0",
  "params": {
    "token_address": "0x48c75fbf0452fa8ff2928ddf46b0fe7629cca2ff",
    "token_id": "5",
    "chain": "POLYGON",
    "url": "https://moralis-proxy.komodo.earth",
    "url_antispam": "https://nft.antispam.dragonhound.info"