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Get NFT Metadata

chainstringThe token chain.
token_addressstringThe token address.
token_idstringToken ID.
protect_from_spambooleanOptional, defaults to false. If true, any potential spam link found in collection name, token name, symbol will be replaced with URL redacted for user protection

amountstringThe amount of this NFT the user owns (used by ERC1155).
block_number_mintedintegerThe block height when the NFT was minted. May be null.
block_numberintegerThe block height when the amount or owner changed.
chainstringChain name. One of AVALANCHE, BSC, ETH, FANTOM, or POLYGON.
namestringMay be null. An NFT collection name.
contract_typestringThe type of NFT contract standard. One of ERC721 or ERC1155.
last_token_uri_syncstringWhen the token_uri was last updated.
last_metadata_syncstringWhen the metadata was last updated.
metadatastringThe metadata of the token. May be null.
minter_addressstringMinter address. May be null.
owner_ofstringThe wallet address of the owner of the NFT.
possible_spambooleanIf true, the contract address has been identified as associated with spam or suspicious activities.
possible_phishingbooleanIf true, the token has been identified as associated with phishing, as at least one of domain fields is found in database with phishing domains.
symbolstringMay be null. The symbol of the NFT contract.
token_addressstringThe address of the NFT contract.
token_idstringThe token ID of the NFT.
token_hashstringThe token hash. May be null.
token_uristringThe URI to the metadata of the token. May be null.
token_domainstringToken domain. May be null.
uri_metaobjectA standard NftMetadata object.

Get NFT Metadata

  "userpass": "RPC_UserP@SSW0RD",
  "method": "get_nft_metadata",
  "mmrpc": "2.0",
  "params": {
    "token_address": "0xfd913a305d70a60aac4faac70c739563738e1f81",
    "token_id": "214300044414",
    "chain": "BSC"

    "mmrpc": "2.0",
    "error": "Token: token_address 0xfd913a305d70a60aac4faac70c739563738e1f81, token_id 214300044414 was not found in wallet",
    "error_path": "nft",
    "error_trace": "nft:123]",
    "error_type": "TokenNotFoundInWallet",
    "error_data": {
        "token_address": "0xfd913a305d70a60aac4faac70c739563738e1f81",
        "token_id": "214300044414"
    "id": null