Komodo Progress Report | Q3 2023

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo Progress Report | Q3 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Stay informed and dive into our Q3 2023 recap from the Komodo team. We are on a mission to connect and bridge all blockchain protocols. Follow our progress and join us as we develop cutting-edge DEX technology.

Updated Komodo Roadmap (September 2023 through early 2024)

On September 12, we published an updated roadmap page which includes our development plans for Q4 2023 and early 2024. We are now shifting focus to performance-specific enhancements and bug fixes.

Thus, some future features (not mission critical) have been pushed back to ensure we continue to provide a fast and bug-free crypto experience for our users.

Our team has already begun working on these enhancements, and preliminary tests already show a significant performance boost for API interactions and GUI interactions. For example, after refactoring code, tests show that mm2 invocation processing times can be reduced by 30-40% and balance fetch time can be decreased by 1000% — from 3000ms (3 seconds for 10 coins) to 300ms (0.03 seconds for 10 coins).

While we've streamlined some feature releases to ensure an optimal user experience, the product's core functionality is robust and complete. Our roadmap remains dynamic and user-focused. All critical features, including the MVP features, are either in place or on the way.

App Releases

Komodo Wallet (mobile) v0.7.0 Is Live

On September 27, we released the latest version of Komodo Wallet (mobile).

Most notably, v0.7.0 adds full mobile wallet and DEX trading support for Pirate Chain ($ARRR) and completes the mobile app rebranding from “AtomicDEX” to “Komodo Wallet”.

After downloading this version, you’ll notice the Komodo logo now appears as the app icon.

This release also includes the following:

  • Significant general performance increase
  • Logging enhancement/ security fix
  • Supported asset validation
  • GRS config update/ fix

Komodo Wallet (desktop) v0.6.1 Is Live

On September 23, we released the latest version of Komodo Wallet (desktop). Important highlights include the following:

New Cryptocurrencies Added

  • NeurAI ($XNA)
  • PIVX ($PIVX)
  • BitBlocks ($BBK) - wallet only
  • Pinkcoin ($PINK) - wallet only


Sidebar is now static, not expanding


  • Remove "Add assets" buttons in favor of "Add crypto" button in sidebar
  • Updates Z coin activation for sync from date option in settings Recommended fiats in settings updates to include user selection


  • Replaces RICK/MORTY with DOC/MARTY
  • Updated infra URLs Updated misc dependencies
  • Fixes Tendermint activation bug Fix some UI bugs (notifications, overflows)

Komodo DeFi Framework v0.1.7 Beta (API)

On September 8, we released the latest version of Komodo DeFi Framework.

This version includes features (trading protocol upgrade, HD wallet support, and ARRR support) as well as various enhancements/fixes.

Developer Bounty — 500 $KMD

On August 29, we announced a new developer bounty opportunity on our Discord!

The first person to demonstrate Market Maker 2 (mm2) running on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and completing an atomic swap gets 500 $KMD.

Komodo Wallet Co-Marketing Giveaway Campaigns

From August 23 to September 7, we ran a contest on X together with Navcoin.

10 lucky winners each received $20 in $NAV just by liking/reposting our post on X (formerly Twitter) and sharing their Komodo Wallet $NAV addresses.

On September 29, we announced a second campaign — this time with PIVX — that runs now through October 16, 2023. 10 winners will each win $20 in $PIVX.

Be sure to follow @KomodoPlatform to be among the first to learn about the latest Komodo news and future giveaways!

CoinEx Spanish X Space + Komodo ($KMD) Giveaway

On August 7, Komodo Business Director Charles ‘PTYX’ Gonzales participated in a Spanish AMA with CoinEx.

Also, AMA participants shared a prize pool of $200 in $KMD.

PR and Third-Party Website Coverage

Throughout Q3, Komodo CTO Kadan ‘ca333’ Stadelmann published three opinion pieces and provided commentary on several crypto-related news topics.

Komodo and Komodo Wallet were also featured on several crypto news publications.


  • How Worldcoin is undermining crypto’s original ethos | Forkast.News
  • What the crypto industry must do to survive the wrath of the SEC | CryptoSlate
  • Cryptocurrency Is Still Revolutionizing Fundraising | ValueWalk


  • Will Cryptocurrency Ever Deliver on Its Grand Vision | HackerNoon
  • Bitcoin Ordinals profitability falls in July, but total inscriptions pile on | Forkast.News
  • Lack of US Crypto Regulations Drives Away Market Participants as Revolut to Shut Down Crypto Service | BeInCrypto and The Fintech Times
  • Crypto Crystal Ball Predictions: What’s Next for the Cryptospace After The SEC’s Actions? | E-Crypto News
  • Weekly Market Wrap: Deutsche Bank’s crypto move propels Bitcoin to US$26,750 | Forkast.News
  • Stablecoin exodus: Why are investors fleeing crypto’s safe haven? | Cointelegraph
  • Crypto currency seeks a European refuge | Business Post

Feature Stories

  • Breaking Boundaries: Verge Currency Goes Global on Komodo Wallet | Verge blog
  • Komodo Continues To Trend – $KMD Explodes +76% Intraday | DEX Wire News
  • Hot Wallets Market Insights Report 2023-2030 | Benzinga
  • Blockchain Security Solutions Market Growth Assessment of 2030 | Benzinga
  • Komodo’s Revolutionary Approach to Decentralized Cryptocurrency Goes Beyond Interoperability | Block Telegraph

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