Q1 2024 Progress Report

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Q1 2024 Progress Report
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Stay informed and dive into our Q1 2024 recap from the Komodo team. We are on a mission to connect and bridge all blockchain protocols. Follow our progress and join us as we develop cutting-edge DEX technology.

2024 Komodo Roadmap Is Live

Check out what the team is working towards in 2024.

Additionally, the webpage includes a list of major milestones that the team has achieved throughout the years.

Upcoming: Komodo Improvement Proposal (KIP) Voting

On a recent episode of “Voices of Komodo”, the Komodo team discussed upcoming Komodo Improvement Proposals (KIPs) and their potential impact on KMD tokenomics.

Watch Komodo Business Development Manager Jason Brown’s presentation for more details.

The next vote — KIP0002 — will ask whether the KMD block reward should be reduced to a lower amount or remain at the current amount of 3 KMD.

Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for more details about the voting process and precise dates of the voting window.

Development Progress

  • Komodo Wallet (browser extension) — Users will be able to HODL, bridge, and trade crypto at any time without even having to visit the Komodo website.
  • Bitrefill feature integration — Once complete, it will be possible to spend crypto in Komodo Wallet for Bitrefill vouchers and gift cards. Bitrefill allows users to purchase gift cards from various merchants (Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Uber, and more) as well as purchase pre-paid cards from Visa and Mastercard.
  • Komodo DeFi Framework 2.1.0 — Will include numerous enhancements and feature additions (HD wallet, additional Trezor wallet support, Keplr integration for IBC/Cosmos support, and more).

PR Coverage

Komodo CTO Kadan was interviewed for three feature stories, wrote three OpEds, and provided commentary on seven crypto news stories.

Interviews/ Feature Stories



SEO Blog Posts and Podcast Episodes

Blog Posts


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