AtomicDEX Stress Test Initial Results

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

AtomicDEX Stress Test Initial Results

The stats mentioned in this blog post are initial estimates and are subject to change. We’ll provide exact numbers in a follow-up blog post next week after a detailed analysis.

Thank you to everyone who spent the weekend making atomic swaps on AtomicDEX and everyone who organized the event! If you enjoyed the AtomicDEX Stress Test, sign up to the Komodo newsletter to get the full stress test findings sent directly to your inbox.  We're not kitten around (Wooops, I mean kidding around 😉). Again, we're not kitten around at Komodo 😉.

Livestream Coverage Replay

There were so many amazing conversations about relevant topics such as DeFi, privacy, community building, interoperability, and much more. Thank you to everyone in the Komodo community and other participating crypto communities that made the weekend a success! With the cancellation of in-person blockchain conferences in 2020, we know that virtual events such as the one we had this past weekend are important for community building, knowledge sharing, and adding the human element to go along with innovative technologies.

Event 1 - Why DEXs Matter - Komodo AtomicDEX Spotlight
Event 2 - Community Building and Decentralized Governance - Einsteinium Spotlight
Event 3 - A New Age For DeFi - Qtum Spotlight
Event 4 - Privacy Coins & Technology - Firo Spotlight + Afterhours Discussion
Event 5 - How to Partner with Komodo - Interop Spotlight Ravencoin, NavCoin, Verus - Part 1 & Part 2
Event 6 - The Dragon’s Tale: Komodo 2021 & Beyond

Stress Test By The Numbers - Initial Estimates

We initially had two goals for this stress test. 1. Reach 10,000 total swaps over the course of the weekend 2. Reach 100 desktop downloads of AtomicDEX. You — the stress testers — smashed these goals in the first swap hour event! Here are 10 stats from the event.

  • 200,000 organic swaps over the 36 hours of the event. We were closing in on a quarter million swaps by event end.
  • During the 1-hour atomic swap competitions embedded into each event AtomicDEX atomic swap volume reached at least 10,000 swaps those hours along with one event landing well over 20,000 swaps in that hour!
  • We reached over 1,000 desktop downloads of the AtomicDEX Initial Beta application.
  • Atomic swap user volume reached over 700 unique users testing, trading, and swapping.
  • Over 2,000 new email subscribers signed up for notifications regarding the AtomicDEX Stress Test and future AtomicDEX events.
  • Komodo’s total email subscriber count is now over 13,000.
  • Reached top 5 in r/cryptomarkets (245k subs).
  • Pinned to the top of r /cryptocurrency (2.1m subs) for the last 24 hours of the event.
  • More than $5,000 in prizes are being distributed, with many more prizes and puzzles still going on for the next several weeks.
  • MAJOR Twitter syndication in our space, with 2 prominent influencers picking up Komodo (65k+ subs).

More Opportunities To Earn Crypto

We have multiple opportunities to earn free crypto in the next few weeks. If you made an atomic swap this past weekend, fill out these registration forms for Chips and Collider Coin to receive airdrops!

Another opportunity: In the next few weeks, I'll be writing words in a seed phrase that belong to a compromised wallet. The first person to enter the full seed can claim free KMD!  Continue reading blog posts through the end of the year to discover the remaining words.
First 2 words: real awesome
2 more words are hidden somewhere in this blog post. See if you can find them!

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