Monthly Recap - April 2021

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

Monthly Recap - April 2021
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

AtomicDEX v0.4.2, Notary Node Election Results, Komodo Developer Academy, Q1 2021 Marketing Report

⚡April Highlights

AtomicDEX v0.4.2 - A Major Step Forward For DEX Tech
AtomicDEX now offers the best decentralized, trustless wrapped token bridge for BEP-20 tokens in the entire crypto sector. Users can trade ETH, UNI, AAVE, and other assets on both the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) directly from the AtomicDEX non-custodial wallet. On AtomicDEX, KMD is now supported on both the native Komodo blockchain network as well as BSC.

Official Results: Fifth Annual Notary Node Election
Thanks to all the candidates and voters who participated in the Season 5 Notary Node Election! The 44 newly elected candidates will become the next cohort of NN operators beginning in June 2021.

Komodo Developer Academy Reveal
We have announced our plans to launch Komodo Developer Academy - a developer education program which will consist of an open curriculum, immersive study group, and the Junior Developer Program led by Komodo CTO Kadan Stadelmann.

Q1 2021 Marketing Report
Read this report to maintain a high-level overview about our plans and perhaps even get inspired to take action and get involved with Komodo marketing. The report includes achievements, stats, and team reflections.

📰Komodo In the Media

News Publications

Theta Commentary | Cointelegraph
Coinbase IPO | Markets Insider
Coinbase IPO |
KMD Outlook | The Daily Hodl


BPSAA Webinar Playlist | Komodo YouTube

🌐Ecosystem News

Pirate (ARRR) Adoption Surges
While most of the crypto market was impacted by a flash crash over the weekend of April 17, ARRR saw a significant increase in adoption. ARRR currently sits in the CoinGecko top 100, becoming the first Komodo ecosystem project to pass KMD in market cap. Pirate Chain was created as a Komodo Smart Chain (independent blockchain) in August 2018 and uses zk-SNARKs with default shielded z-addresses only.

JuicyChain Adopts Komodo Tech
JuicyChain is using a Komodo technology to create a blockchain-based traceability platform, designed to support improved transparency, accelerate the uptake of sustainable juice volumes and support customer and consumer-facing communication on sustainable juice.

Tokel Working On NFTs
Tokel announced the first NFT sold on TKLTEST chain with the new royalties function! This function went from concept to reality in about 3 weeks. Tokel also recently released its project roadmap.

🚀LunarCRUSH Report

LunarCRUSH Report
LunarCRUSH Social Contributors - February 1, 2021 to April 30th, 2021

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