Official Results: Komodo’s Fifth Annual Notary Node Election

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Official Results: Komodo’s Fifth Annual Notary Node Election
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Thanks to all the candidates and voters who participated in the Season 5 Notary Node Election!

This blog post contains the official results of the election. Newly elected NN operators will begin notarizing in June 2021. Season 5 Notary Node cohort will be the first to use Litecoin cross-chain notarizations for securing the delayed Proof of Work network.

Election Notes 📝

Two community ran websites counted unofficial results of the Season 5 Notary Node Election, and they were using different parameters for concluding the final vote count. As specified in the Notary Node Bible official rules, the voting deadline was April 23rd, 2021 at 12:00 UTC. Any votes cast by sending VOTE2021 tokens to candidates before that time were counted in the official results. Thus, the last included block was at height 20491, which was confirmed at 12:01 UTC.

There are three autoelection winners from each region, which do not appear on the official results page. Those winners were previously announced on April 11th, 2021, and determined based on their outstanding Season 4 performances.

Attention Elected Candidates: Please upload your NN pubkey (for dPoW operations) to your NotaryNode GitHub candidacy profiles.

View Official Results Page with Final Vote Count

AR Region Winners 🏆

  1. cipi
  2. decker
  3. tonyl
  4. artem.pikulin
  5. ocean
  6. mcrypt
  7. kolo
  8. goldenman
  9. chmex
  10. mrlynch
  11. tokl
  12. alien (autoelection seat)
  13. smdmitry (autoelection seat)
  14. madmax (autoelection seat)

SH Region Winners 🏆

  1. sheeba
  2. chmex
  3. NutellaLicka
  4. collider
  5. majora31
  6. pbca26
  7. metaphilibert
  8. mylo
  9. phm87
  10. strob
  11. drkush
  12. strob (autoelection seat)
  13. mcrypt (autoelection seat)
  14. dappvader (autoelection seat)

EU Region Winners 🏆

  1. van
  2. alien
  3. decker
  4. madmax
  5. komodopioneers
  6. slyris
  7. cipi
  8. node-9
  9. smdmitry
  10. ca333
  11. marmarachain
  12. alien (autoelection seat)
  13. chmex (autoelection seat)
  14. cipi (autoelection seat)

NA Region Winners 🏆

  1. node-9
  2. madmax
  3. hyper
  4. uer2
  5. webworker01
  6. dragonhound
  7. alien
  8. computergenie
  9. nodeone
  10. ptyx
  11. cipi
  12. alien (autoelection seat)
  13. strob (autoelection seat)
  14. pbca26 (autoelection seat)

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