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Komodo Is Introducing Antara, An End-to-End Smart Chain Development Framework

The Next Step In Building An Open, Programmable And Interoperable Multi-Chain Ecosystem

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Our Technology Focus

Komodo’s technology vision is anchored to these four foundational pillars.

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Bitcoin-level Security

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Limitless Scalability

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Seamless Interoperability

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Continuous Development

Antara Framework: Redefining Blockchain

Komodo is redefining blockchain platforms through an open, modular, multi-chain architecture.

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A Long History Of Innovation And Execution

Komodo Platform is a distinguished team of blockchain veterans with a history of innovation and execution.

Completed development projects

  • Blockchain Security Service (dPoW)
  • Independent & Customizable Blockchain Deployment
  • Tokenization Support
  • KV-Storage Support For Komodo Blockchains
  • Atomic Swaps Support for Komodo, Bitcoin and Ethereum-based assets
  • Decentralized Order Matching
    • Market Maker 1.0 (2017)
    • Market Maker 2.0 (2019)
  • Antara Framework
  • Sapling Update – lightweight private transactions
  • Agama Multi-Coin Wallet
  • Developer Documentation Overhaul

Currently in development and testing

  • New Antara Modules
  • AtomicAPI
  • AtomicDEX Mobile
  • AtomicDEX Desktop
  • Blockchain Generator
  • Online Technical Resources Development
  • Developer Portal & Developer Journeys
  • Antara Framework Examples
  • AtomicAPI Documentation
  • Documentation for the Blockchain Generator

Longer term development projects

  • Ethereum Smart Contract Bridge
  • Antara Framework: Example Chains
  • Blockchain Interoperability & Cross-Chain Contracts
  • Scalable Blockchain Clusters (Burn Protocol)
  • Migration Paths Into A Komodo Blockchain
  • Blockchain Scalability – 1M TPS Stress Test

Driving Value to our Customers

Komodo is committed to empowering developers to accelerate their journey to blockchain technologies.

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Independence and freedom from vendor lock-in

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Customizable solutions to meet individual needs

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Ease of access and minimal barriers to entry

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Investment protection through dpow security and free updates.

AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Launch new Smart Chains in seconds on AWS infrastructure.

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What Do You Need?

Your situation is unique. Your blockchain solution should be, too.

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Blockchain Solutions

Customize an independent and dedicated blockchain. Utilize smart contracts and leverage Komodo’s whitelabel dApps.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Developers
  • Enterprise
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Atomic Swaps

Make trustless, peer-to-peer trades of coins and tokens on Komodo’s truly decentralized crypto exchange.

  • Exchanges
  • Developers
  • Liquidity Providers
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Security Service

Protect your blockchain with Bitcoin-level security to safeguard against 51% attacks.


  • Third Party Blockchains
  • Komodo Based Blockchains
  • Enterprise
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Begin Your Journey With Komodo

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Install Agama Wallet

Agama wallet is a secure multi-coin wallet that makes collecting KMD active user rewards easy.

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KMD is the currency native to Komodo and has a number of important uses within the ecosystem.

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