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Get a list of NFT transfers

Returns a list of the NFT transfers involving the user, shown in descending order of the block_timestamp value of the NFT's last transfer.

To view NFT transactions, you must activate the coin which holds the NFTs first.

chainsarrayList of chains to scan for NFTs.
maxbooleanOptional, defaults to false. If true, response will return all NFT transfers without pagination, and will ignore the limit and page_number values.
limitintegerOptional, defaults to 10. The number of NFT transfers displayed per page in response.
page_numberintegerOptional, defaults to 1. The page offset for items in response.
protect_from_spambooleanOptional, defaults to false. If true, any potential spam link found in collection name, token name, symbol will be replaced with URL redacted for user protection
filtersobjectOptional. A standard NftTransferFilter object.

transfer_historylist of objectsA list of standard NftTransfer objects.
totalintegerThe total number of NFT transfers in your wallet matching the request filters.
skippedintegerThe number of NFT transfers in your wallet excluded by the request filters.

Get a list of NFT transfers

  "userpass": "RPC_UserP@SSW0RD",
  "method": "get_nft_transfers",
  "mmrpc": "2.0",
  "params": {
    "chains": [
    "max": true,
    "filters": {
      "receive": true,
      "from_date": 1678233600
    "protect_from_spam": true