Thursday Townhall: What Is The Meaning of Life?

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Thursday Townhall: What Is The Meaning of Life?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Join us for our new weekly town hall meeting on each Thursday from 3 to 4 PM UTC on Komodo Discord in the Town Hall voice channel. Have questions you want answered? Drop them in the Town Hall questions channel before the meeting.

The first ~30 minutes is dedicated to answering community questions from the previous week, while the second ~30 minutes is an open dialogue for anyone who wishes to take part in the community conversation. Missed last week’s town hall? You can check out the Q&A recap here.

Question From Stephen Hawking

When will CHIPS be tradeable on AtomicDEX Mobile?

CHIPS won’t be added to mobile in time for the AtomicDEX v0.3 release on October 29. However, it will be available in a future release!

Question From Stephen Hawking

When is Komodo running the stress test for AtomicDEX v0.3?

Shortly after the AtomicDEX v0.3 release, we will publish details regarding the community stress test. No exact date is set for now, but you can look for it to happen sometime within the first couple of weeks of November. Everything is going well with the development progress. We are on schedule, and the team has been actively testing the network. We are excited to launch the community stress and demonstrate the capabilities of AtomicDEX.

Question From joe2x4

You guys have mentioned that anyone can fork AtomicDEX. What network infrastructure would be required to run a community version of AtomicDEX? Electrum servers and what else?

To fork AtomicDEX, you would need relay nodes and maker nodes. You will need to configure maker nodes to relay the orders. In the AtomicDEX documentation, there is a lot of info on how to handle this process.

Question From Audo

What is the purpose of the Komodo project? Why are we here? What are we here to do?

We are currently exploring the exact answer to this question as a unified community project and as individuals who wish to see the project succeed. Our team believes that the original vision of jl777 is still as alive today as it ever was before! His SuperNET vision was to create a unified network of interconnected, decentralized, self-sovereign blockchains. Komodo is still on that path today. We’re not worried about competition. We’re focused on collaboration, both within the Komodo ecosystem and throughout the blockchain industry.

We are getting back to our roots and determining what Komodo is here to do, particularly looking at our role as a technology provider. We envision ourselves as a project that clears the path for other projects that can take our technology and develop whatever they wish to. Komodo is a multi-chain platform with many communities and projects that are independent. However, at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

Question From Satinder

What is the meaning of life?

Sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t have the answer to this question. Regardless, here’s a summary of thoughts from those who participated in the townhall discussion.

Quote from Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man's Search for Meaning’: “Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked.”

“Life’s purpose is to build and create. We are creators.”

“Life is about gathering knowledge and passing it on to the next generation through evolution and education systems. It's not about the meaning of life for one person. It’s about the entire ecosystem, which happens to be planet Earth at the moment. We are basically asking ourselves, ‘How do we expand without breaking things?’ ”

“We evolve in a way that we need to give something to get something. We ask ourselves fundamental questions like ‘Why do I have to work every day?’ or ‘Why do I have to consume?’ We even ask why is the banana yellow and not orange? Only when we answer these questions can we fully understand the meaning of life.”

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