Tech Tuesday Update #14: A Summary Of Last Week's Development

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Tech Tuesday Update #14: A Summary Of Last Week's Development
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Things move fast at Komodo Platform. That’s why the Komodo team has decided to release a weekly briefing to cover all of the progress the Dev Team is making.

This series of posts is called the Tech Tuesday Updates.

In case you’ve missed a previous edition and want to catch up, you can find all the previous Tech Tuesday updates here.

MarketMaker-2.0: Network programming & Integration testing for NAT environments

It seems the most annoying problems encountered when using v1 marketmaker were intermittent dropouts. If Alice and Bob were both behind NAT routers the problem is tricky at best of times to establish a connection. Some cases were cited as having double (and triple) NAT routers from users extending their wireless coverage at home.

A simple integration test was completed using BitTorrent DHT. The goal to have reliable options in path discovery, to handle different environments.

The pathway is one problem being tested during connection establishment. Another is connectivity issues from other router anomalies. A router anomaly is “somewhere in the cloud” basically, e.g. Regional Internet Service Provider peering issues.

To provide a reliable dApp experience, the ability to reliably punch holes through NAT to re-establish dropped connection is key to happy users.

dPoW: FUD information

Last week in TT#13 we covered the dPoW Centralization FUD. This week, we observed some fresh claims. More dPoW information will be published to address FUD misunderstandings.

40+ blockchain projects rely on Komodo's Blockchain Security Service to secure their chain with dPoW.

Ecosystem: Verus & zCash Sapling upgrades Deployed Awaiting Activation

The key features are:

  • Low memory, fast private transactions
  • Opens up private transactions to mobile and IoT devices for first time
  • Viewing keys to review outgoing transactions & auditing
  • Privacy with selective disclosure for organisations that require auditing
  • VerusHash, VerusPOS including PoW/PoS options
  • Eras for more emission schedule options including time locked rewards

Now, with Komodo's Blockchain Starter Kit, adopting blockchain technology has become even more flexibility.

Agama Wallet Update: Major Version, New Features

Sapling support included. This means when you download v0.3.0+ the new sapling parameters need to be installed on your machine. The sapling upgrade unified blockchain development from both upstream and downstream source forks.

Also in the changelog was a feature for getting the price feed information of your fiat value of coins, and last week we introduced the offline signing feature for high value security users or people with Ledger devices (please read the sapling upgrade announcement linked earlier).

GUI developers & architects: KMDLABS to save time for software delivery

When a dApp team knows front end coding and some of the logic required for their application - but not the low level details of blockchain coding and operations - the KMDLABS service creates value to your workflow by quickly developing and testing your product so it can move from ideation, to planning, testing, editing and then ready to production.

Everytime our ecosystem does something great, it saves the next person from having to repeat it. Komodo tries hard to not re-invent the wheel. It is why it started as a zCash fork, created generic value encoding for blockchain interoperability leveraging IETF specs and collaborated with Verus to upgrade the blockchain ecosystem. The upgrade to zcash sapling & Verus hashing, consensus and emission scheduling unified blockchain innovations and begins a new phase of Komodo IoT testing.

The KMDLABS discord channel is dedicated to testing innovations, upgrades and new features.

Interested in GUI dApps development? Discord's #cc_gui channel will be where most of the work will take place in the coming weeks.

Thank you Komodo (& ecosystem) developers, what an exciting week!

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