No Blockchain Is An Island – Interoperability in the Antara Framework

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

No Blockchain Is An Island – Interoperability in the Antara Framework
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Komodo’s vision is a world of hundreds and thousands of application-specific blockchains working in unison to perform complex business functions in a decentralized and trustless manner.

To achieve this, the transfer of value and logic between blockchains – interoperability – needs to be seamless.

Komodo Antara Interoperability

Blockchain interoperability is not an afterthought in Komodo; it’s right at the core of our technology. Projects built on the Antara Framework can communicate effortlessly across Smart Chains. Transfer of value between a Smart Chain and blockchains using another platform works out-of-the-box.

Interoperability between Antara Smart Chains

Smart Chains built on the Antara Framework are sovereign and autonomous, but they share the same architecture. There are many ways these Smart Chains can interact with each other:

Transfer of value

Fungible assets between Smart Chains

Different Smart Chains can form Smart Chain clusters, which makes their native tokens fungible across all chains.

A good example would be gaming. A slow, turn-based strategy game is very different from a fast-paced action piece in game mechanics and in-game economics, so they need separate blockchains with different consensus algorithms. However, they can form an ecosystem together with hundreds of other games, where the in-game currency can be used across different titles. These gaming-focused blockchains can form a Smart Chain Cluster, making it easy to transfer in-game currency, a fungible asset, from one chain to the other.

Sending in-game currency Smart Chain A to Smart Chain B is achieved using a cross-chain burn protocol:

  • Smart Chain A burns the in-game AAA currency
  • Submits proof-of-burn to Smart Chain B
  • Smart Chain B mints the right amount of BBB
Komodo Antara Interoperability Proof-of-Burn

Non-fungible assets between Smart Chains

In July 2019, Komodo is going to introduce an asset-agnostic atomic swap framework, making it possible to exchange coins and tokens across chains and even across different protocols. Tokens of Smart Chains in different clusters can be swapped directly, without going through a centralized exchange. The only thing company A and B need to provide is liquidity for the swaps to execute.

Transfer of Logic

Smart Chains in Komodo can run Antara Modules, providing business logic for the chain. They are roughly equivalent to smart contracts on other platforms, although they are dramatically more powerful. Antara Modules are stored directly on the nodes, so developers can create sophisticated applications without worrying about gas fees, computational limitations, or storage.

Antara Modules on different Smart Chains are fully interoperable. Logic like “if X happens on Smart Chain A → it unlocks Y on Smart Chain B” can be set up easily using the built-in trustless oracle module, and it works across Smart Chain Clusters.

Smart Chains using transfer of logic interoperability need to be secured by Komodo’s Delayed Proof-of-Work security.

Interoperability between an Antara Smart Chain and an external blockchain

Complex decentralized exchanges and dApps need to connect to external blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Transfer of value between a Smart Chain and external blockchains is readily available, and business logic interoperability can be achieved using oracles.

Transfer of value

Komodo’s aforementioned atomic swap framework is available to all developers. Using the previous example, AAA tokens earned in the game can be exchanged to BTC, ETH, or any other asset through atomic swaps, without going through a centralized exchange.

Komodo aims to provide liquidity for the most popular external assets like BTC and ETH for a small fee, but projects can choose to run their own market maker node, provide their own liquidity, and do not pay a commission.

Transfer of logic

Antara Smart Chains are designed to be interoperable with any external smart contract platform, but this feature is yet to be enabled. The timeline mostly depends on the actual need arising, as all the required technological components have already been developed.

Creating an Antara Module interacting with the Ethereum chain, for example, is fairly trivial. However, in order to maintain security and prevent malicious actors from submitting forged transactions all validators on the network need to run a full Ethereum node as well. Komodo's Certified Solution Providers are happy to discuss this option.

Learn more

Blockchain might not be the perfect answer for all business needs; but we believe it is the right answer in many cases, especially when decentralization, censorship-resistance or trust enforced through code is important.

Komodo’s multi-chain solution with Antara Smart Chains is superior to a single chain architecture, as it removes performance limitations and ensures sovereignty. Such a multi-chain environment can only be successful if interoperability is built in to the very core of the technology.

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