Mandatory Update: Komodo DeFi Framework 2.0 NetID Migration

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Mandatory Update: Komodo DeFi Framework 2.0 NetID Migration

The Komodo development team has recently refactored (optimized) the entire network infrastructure of Komodo DeFi Framework, which is used by Komodo Wallet’s decentralized exchange (DEX).

This upgrades Komodo Wallet’s DEX to the latest stable version of libp2p and introduces a streaming data capability that allows apps to subscribe to DeFi Framework events in order to receive real-time updates on blockchain (and DEX) activities, including the notification of new transactions or blocks.

As expected, this upgrade includes breaking changes at the DEX network layer which are not backwards compatible. As a result, any peer using the old DEX network layer will not be able to communicate with a peer using this new layer.

This update — Komodo DeFi Framework 2.0 — will officially go live on December 13, 2023 at 13:00 UTC. For early access in CLI or via the pytomicDEX Makerbot TUI, users should join Komodo Discord and ping smk (dragonhound3) for details.

CLI Users and Third-Party Developers

Beginning on December 13, anyone who uses Komodo DeFi Framework, including but not limited to CLI users, 3rd party providers, et al, will need to change the Network ID number (NetID) from 7777 to 8762.

This requires manually updating your Komodo DeFi Framework binary configurations.

You are welcome to join our Support channel on Discord for assistance with the migration process. We’ve also created a “Traders Trollbox” channel on Discord which will be “opt-in” and minimally moderated to let market makers enjoy more of a “speakeasy” atmosphere.

Migration Grace Period — Market makers and app users should update their app version or  NetID configuration ASAP after the release announcement. The old NetID infrastructure will be shut down on January 1, 2024, 13:00 UTC.


Komodo Wallet (web) — This update is automatic for web users — no action is required. The release — v0.6.0 — is expected to go live on December 19th.

Komodo Wallet (mobile) — You must upgrade to the latest app release — v0.9.0. The release is expected to go live on December 19th.

Komodo Wallet (desktop) — You must upgrade to the latest app release — v0.7.0.

If you have any issues or questions with upgrading to the latest version of Komodo Wallet, please reach out via our Support Channel on Discord.

If you are an end-user of a third-party app that utilizes Komodo DeFi Framework (i.e. GleecDEX, MarmaraDEX, etc.), please follow their social channels for announcements with more details.

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