Komodo Gives Thanks

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

Komodo Gives Thanks

7 passionate members from the Komodo community each received 777 KMD this week for their contributions to the project over the past year. We are grateful for their exemplary efforts in building and promoting Komodo Platform.

There are so many people in the Komodo community who enable us to develop open-source technologies for the betterment of society. We thank everyone who embodies the Komodo spirit and shares our common goal of achieving freedom through technology. You all motivate us to keep driving innovation forward, and we’re lucky to have your help at every step of the way.

We felt like these seven contributors have gone above and beyond throughout this year. They are true pillars of our community who are highly deserving of this award. We’re truly thankful for their passion, dedication, time, and energy.

John Robinson

John is a Komodo ambassador who has been an advocate for several years at both virtual and in-person blockchain conferences. In January, John gave a presentation about Komodo’s atomic swap technology and DEX technology at the Tokyo FinTech event. In April, John and I had a conversation about his experience as a Komodo community member.


Regnar has been actively maintaining the Komodo Telegram community channel and AtomicDEX Telegram community channel for years. Whenever a user has a question, Regnar is always there to provide answers.


Along with Regnar, Acura shows constant support and passion for Komodo by managing our official Telegram channels. Besides providing answers to community questions, Acura distributes various content pieces related to Komodo technology.


Soldat has represented Komodo for years by networking with people and maintaining Komodo’s official LinkedIn account. Soldat is also Komodo’s French ambassador, helping present our technology to French-speaking investors, entrepreneurs, and developers.


Barv has made a tremendous contribution to both Komodo and the blockchain industry by continuously promoting our open-source technology in the Netherlands crypto scene.


CHMEX is an essential resource and advocate who has diligently maintained a popular community website (dexstats.info) and made a number of technical contributions. Check out the site for in-depth data on AtomicDEX trading volumes, number of atomic swaps, open orders, and much more.


Biz has been working diligently for a long time to make dPoW compatible with all CryptoNote implementations. He has made a huge technical contribution that has led to expanded Komodo tech adoption and improved 51% attack security for the entire blockchain space.

Learn. Build. Represent.

Become part of the Komodo community by joining Komodo Discord. Engage in discussions with other members and follow what Komodo and its ecosystem projects are up to. If you’d like to get more involved, you can do so at any time. You can even start a project or initiative of your own.

  • Sign-up as a community moderator and help our community to maintain a friendly and productive atmosphere.
  • Organize, attend, or present at events (virtually or in-person) to raise awareness of the Komodo Platform.
  • Apply to become a Komodo ambassador to represent Komodo in an official capacity in your country or region.

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