Gleec Coin Integrates Komodo’s Security Solution

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Gleec Coin Integrates Komodo’s Security Solution
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) integration just went live today on the Gleec Coin blockchain network.

Using Komodo’s dPoW technology, the hash rate of the Bitcoin network now secures the Gleec Coin network against 51% attacks.

GLEEC will be available for non-custodial atomic swap trading and storage in your own non-custodial wallet on AtomicDEX v0.3 initial beta - available on October 29.

Blockchain Security By Komodo

Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security service works by recycling the enormous hash rate of the Bitcoin network through a series of cross-chain notarizations. This solution offers Bitcoin-level security to both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake chains. Creating a situation that regardless of the network’s original mining difficulty as is requires an attacker to overcome both the original network and Bitcoin’s network in order to pull off a 51% attack.

During the integration process, Komodo and Gleec Coin developers worked together to conduct a security review and an analysis of the Gleec Coin codebase to protect GLEEC against security threats, including real 51% attack attempts. For Komodo-based chains, the integration process is much simpler. In contrast, the integration process for Gleec Coin was more resource-intensive and required a lot of custom work as it’s not a Komodo-based blockchain.

“We are excited for Gleec Coin to expand our mission to provide real-world use cases for blockchain technology. Komodo’s dPoW solution is important because it helps us maintain security for our blockchain.” — Daniel Dimitrov, CEO of Gleec Coin

Does your project need 51% security? Contact our team anytime at [email protected] to request a free assessment and quote.

Update: After passing a thorough security review, Gleec Coin (GLEEC) was listed on Bittrex on November 5, 2020, only 10 days after dPoW integration.

Hold and Trade GLEEC On AtomicDEX

In addition to the new security layer, GLEEC will also be available on AtomicDEX initial beta v0.3 being released, October 29. AtomicDEX is Komodo’s non-custodial atomic swap trading platform with an integrated non-custodial wallet, providing the ultimate solution for trading and storing assets across multiple blockchains.

“Komodo is happy to welcome another chain behind the dPoW shield. We’re honored when 3rd party projects choose to join Komodo and utilize the leading blockchain security solution that has never failed. Thank you GLEEC for checking us out and collaborating to secure the future of your chain against 51% attacks.”
Kadan ‘ca333’ Stadelmann

Atomic saps are trustless peer-to-peer exchanges of digital assets from one user to the other, without any middleman or intermediary. Trading occurs directly from the AtomicDEX built-in non-custodial wallet. Unlike centralized exchanges, AtomicDEX users always maintain control of their private keys, creating a more secure trading framework. Control your keys, own your coins!

AtomicDEX provides the widest cross-chain capabilities for trustless trading in the entire blockchain industry. Traders can swap BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens, KMD, and thousands of other digital assets natively from dozens of blockchains.

Want to get your project listed on AtomicDEX? Contact our team today at [email protected] for more information.

About Gleec Coin

Gleec Coin is a decentralized digital ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. GLEEC can be used for a range of services and products. The project is focused on providing fluid user experiences, real-world use cases, and security.

The Gleec ecosystem is steadily expanding its range of products, with an emphasis on boosting utility for GLEEC. The latest addition to the ecosystem, in which Gleec Coin is the native token, is a prepaid Visa Card that will be available for those who want to top-up their cards with Gleec Coin and BTC.

Along with the new features, Gleec will have a brand new exchange. Gleec BTC is being updated to create a safe trading environment for users. A team of developers is working to build a reliable exchange where you can safely buy, sell, trade, and hold your currencies with great transparency and easy traceability. Gleec is positive that this expansion will benefit the cryptocurrency community as a whole and increase the speed of mass adoption.

Learn more about Gleec Coin!

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | GitHub

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