AtomicDEX Stress Test - Swap Contest Details

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

AtomicDEX Stress Test - Swap Contest Details

Join the AtomicDEX Stress Test on December 12th and 13th, 2020. Here are the swap contest rules, requirements, and eligibility.

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Rules, Requirements, & Eligibility

Event Schedule

Event Registration Form

  • Registered AtomicDEX Stress Test users will receive prizes in their AtomicDEX non-custodial wallets when their associated AtomicDEX KMD address meets the eligibility requirements for prize earning. Prizes will be sent automatically to your address for the prize being offered during that event.
  • Registered users may win prizes in BTC, KMD, QTUM, EMC2, FIRO, RVN, NAV, and VRSC.
  • For each event, prizes will be distributed at the start of the following event during the opening ceremony. Prizes earned during the last event will be dispatched after the event ends.
  • The Bonus Prize Cache earned by each user during the AtomicDEX Stress Test can be claimed by showing up to Komodo’s Thursday Townhall community wrap up event  -  A reminder notification will be sent via email.

Prize Opportunities

There are three prize opportunities announced before the event. Additional prize opportunities will be announced during each of the six AtomicDEX Stress Test events.

Prize Opportunity 1 - Raffle & Atomic Swap Lottery - Airdrop for Registered users.

  • All registered users who complete atomic swaps using Rick & Morty testcoins during any of the 6 1-hour swap events will be entered into a raffle. Winners will be drawn at the beginning of every event for the previous swap hour’s participants. Raffle winners from the last event will be notified via email.

Prize Opportunity 2 - Collaborative Atomic Swap Competition - Airdrop for registered users.

Komodo is an interoperability project and our competitions reflect that ethos.

  • Users who build volume and participate during these hours build prizes for everyone that participated based on total volume built during each specific swap hour. The more volume built during the swap, the more prizes that are distributed to everyone that made at least 1 atomic swap during that hour.
  • Users that make atomic swaps during this hour become eligible for this airdrop prize distribution.

Prize Opportunity 3 - Top Atomic Swap Competition - For registered and unregistered users

We’re not forgetting about all our developers, tech enthusiasts, and script kiddies out there.

  • Top 5 users who complete the most swaps over the course of the 48 hours and top the leaderboard will earn a prize.
  • Top 5 users who complete the most atomic swaps during each of the six 1-hour swap events will also earn a prize.

Bonus Prize Cache - For Livestream attendees

We will have a livestream showcase with additional ad-hoc prize opportunities during the event. Any user can participate in these ad-hoc events to earn their own Bonus Prize Cache. Any user wishing to claim their Bonus Prize Cache must come to any of the three Thursday Townhall meetings in Komodo Discord between the stress test and the end of the year.

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