AtomicDEX Features

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

AtomicDEX Features
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

AtomicDEX has a lot of unique features that separate it from other decentralized exchanges. This blog post aggregates all those cool features in one place. Find links to all of the individual feature reviews. Educate yourself, join the DEX revolution, and explore AtomicDEX.

Top Features Explained

1) Multi-Coin Wallet

Store coins from dozens of blockchains in AtomicDEX. BTC, ETH, all ERC-20 tokens, BSC, all BEP-20 tokens, and more are supported.

2) Liquidity Pool Multiplier

With the Liquidity Pool Multiplier, you can fully customize your trading experience according based on your crypto portfolio targets. This feature enables you to use a single asset to place limit orders against any number of trading pairs at any number of price levels.

3) InstaList Feature

The InstList feature enables you to list any ERC20 token as a custom asset just by typing the smart contract address. The same functionality is available for BEP20 tokens and QRC20 tokens.

4) Atomic Swap Process

Unlike most decentralized exchanges which run on automated market makers (AMMs), AtomicDEX is powered by atomic swaps. This solution offers a more secure and truly peer-to-peer way to trade cryptocurrencies. Read our guide to learn more about how the atomic swap process works.

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