AtomicDEX Developer Bounties

Artem PikulinNovember 3, 2020

We have assigned two developer bounties for AtomicDEX integration PoC demos. Check out the descriptions below and comment on the GitHub issue pages if you’re interested in participating.


Bounty #1: SLP PoC

1,000 KMD for a developer who can provide an HTLC proof of concept for Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) on Rust.

The requirements to receive the bounty are as follows:

  1. The proof of concept must be implemented on pure Rust with pure Rust dependencies.
  2. The PoC should contain tests demonstrating the creation of an HTLC transaction for SLP of BCH testnet and then redeeming using secret and refunding the HTLC when time lock is expired (so there must be at least 2 tests).
  3. PoC must use an Electrum client so the demo does not require local BCH testnet daemon configuration and sync.
  4. Using existing AtomicDEX-API code (e.g. for Electrum client implementation) is encouraged but not mandatory.
    AtomicDEX-API team can provide limited support to the developer who will be implementing the PoC.

Learn More on GitHub


Bounty #2: EWT PoC

500 KMD for a developer who can add support for Energy Web Network and EWT.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Deploy the 1.0 release of the EtomicSwap contract to the EWT mainnet:
  2. Setup the EWT full node with public RPC API enabled. Provide detailed instructions how to setup the node. The best way will be to create a Dockerfile with all required configuration, but it is not mandatory.
  3. Perform an EWT swap with any other supported coin using AtomicDEX and provide transaction links on explorer.
  4. Provide coins config sample and example of EWT AtomicDEX-API activation command.

Learn More on GitHub

If you’re interested in either of these bounties, you can leave a comment directly on the above GitHub issue pages.