KMD Rewards UI Bounty Campaign

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

KMD Rewards UI Bounty Campaign

Komodo is starting 2021 with our first bounty campaign! 1500 KMD will be rewarded for an insight-ui patch which brings beautiful visuals for KMD rewards transactions on

Bounty Rules

(1) Specifically show/tag reward claim transactions and the reward amount with the reward-base UTXO(s) and reward base timeframe.

(2) Show/highlight reward claim transactions in the Latest Transactions view in real time

(3) Be creative and surprise us! Add something like a new rewards tab with 7d/24h rewards statistics. If you need help on visual materials such as special icons, please reach out to Audo on Komodo Discord for your request. For technical questions or discussions regarding this bounty, please join the new #community-bounties channel.

(4) Submit your subscription to the following public repository.

(5) In case of multiple entries, we will let the community decide through a community poll.

Thanks CHMEX!

Special shoutout goes to CHMEX - a long-term Komodo supporter and community member. CHMEX personally added 500 KMD from his own wallet towards this bounty campaign!

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