Antara Framework

Komodo’s Antara Framework is a simple and adaptable framework for custom blockchain development. Antara makes it easier than ever before to launch a chain, activate modules, and start building blockchain-based applications.

Built On A Multi-Chain Architecture

The Antara framework is built atop Komodo's innovative multi-chain architecture that enables the generation of independent runtime forks of the KMD blockchain.


Each independent chain has its own consensus rules, hashing algorithm, decentralized network, and coin.


Blockchains launched with Komodo’s technology never depend on the KMD chain, network, or platform. It’s an open ecosystem so there is no vendor lock-in.


Creating a chain from the CLI is permissionless and free. The Komodo team is not informed when a chain is created so there's no way to track a chain after launch.

Antara Smart Chains
Custom Blockchain Development Made Simple

Smart Chains are independent & purpose-built blockchains. They’re also fully programmable, so you can build blockchain-based games, apps, and software natively on your own Smart Chain.


Smart Chains have their own networks, consensus mechanisms, and currencies. Each third-party project has complete autonomy over their Smart Chain's development.


Customize your Smart Chain along 18 different parameters to meet your unique needs. Don’t mold your business to fit a blockchain, mold your Smart Chain to perfectly fit your business.


Smart Chains come with a built-in library of consensus-altering modules that allow you to natively host blockchain-based games, applications, and contracts on your Smart Chain’s own network.

Antara Smart Chains Are Fully Customizable

With 18 different parameters, you can customize your Smart Chain 
in hundreds of millions of different ways.


Choose your project’s ticker. 

Block Time

Amount of time that passes between block generations on your chain.

Pre-Mine Supply

Number of coins created in your chain’s genesis block.

Consensus Rules

Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, or any combination of the two.

Block Rewards

Number of coins awarded to a miner or staker for finding a block.

Privacy Settings

Choose from disabled, optional, or mandatory privacy features.

Block Halvings

Number of blocks between reductions in block rewards.

Block Decay

Percentage by which block rewards decrease at each reduction.

Reward Eras

Make 3 block reward eras to fully customize emission schedule.
...And Much More

Antara Modules Are Building Blocks For 
Custom Blockchain Development 

Antara Modules provide an extremely powerful and efficient way to run programs and apps on the blockchain. And they come standard.

Turing Complete

The Antara Framework supports C/C++, meaning that it allows for Turing-complete code. With Antara, any program or software can be coded to run on your Smart Chain.

No Gas Fees

There are no gas fees with Antara. Regardless of how many processes an Antara Module requires, it only needs a single transaction fee, paid in your Smart Chain's coin, to run.

Code Custom Modules

Experienced developers can write custom modules, creating the building blocks and remote procedure calls they need to build more advanced blockchain-based software.

A Built-In Library of Antara Modules

Each Smart Chain comes with a library of Antara Modules. Activate the modules you need and begin your custom blockchain development.


Create fixed-supply tokens hosted natively on your Smart Chain


A data aggregation oracle to bring off-chain data onto your Smart Chain


An automated crypto faucet with built-in spam prevention measures

Price Feeds

A completely trustless and decentralized price feed module


Build gateways between your Smart Chain and external blockchains


Use this module for an algorithmic stable coin solution on your Smart Chain


Use this module to allow instantaneous micro-payments of digital assets


Reward users to lock away their coins for a set period of time


Designate a crypto heir and set the conditions for the release of funds

Antara Integration Layer lowers the barriers to blockchain adoption.

Each Antara Module provides a selection of remote procedure calls (RPC). Together, the library of built-in modules create an open API, providing a simple way to build apps on your Smart Chain.

Language Agnostic

Antara’s Open API can be called from any programming language.

Easy To Develop

The Antara Integration Layer allows any developer to adopt blockchain

Native App Support

All games, contracts, and apps are hosted natively on your own Smart Chain

A Series Of White Label Products

The Antara Integration Layer also offers several white label products to help you go to market faster.

Multi-Coin Wallet

Build a branded wallet with over 200 assets for any OS


Create a branded, atomic swap powered decentralized exchange

SPV Servers

Integrate to SPV Electrum servers to allow mobile wallet functionality

Block Explorers

Launch a custom block explorer to track blocks and transactions

Crowdfunding App

Raise funds with a fully decentralized crowdfunding application

Full Seed Nodes

Add more nodes to your network to boost decentralization & security