Technology Overview

Komodo is an open, composable Smart Chain platform. Every business gets to customize and launch their own independent, application-specific Smart Chain.

Komodo is the 
world’s most advanced 
blockchain platform.

Built atop a composable, multi-chain architecture, Komodo’s Antara Framework gives every project a fully customizable Smart Chain that can natively support games, contracts, and apps.

Blockchain Eras

Over the years, blockchain has evolved rapidly. The evolution can be neatly summarized into four main eras of blockchain technology.

The Calculator Era

Bitcoin is representative of the first era of blockchain. Characterized by a single, monolithic blockchain without the ability to host apps, games, or software, this era of blockchain focused on providing the ability to send and receive tiny bits of data. In other words, these Calculator Era blockchains were innovating a digital form of cash: cryptocurrency.

The Mainframe Era

Several years later, a new type of blockchain arrived: the smart contract platform. Ethereum was the first project to introduce a blockchain-based virtual machine, which let any third-party project submit code to the Ethereum network. This model uses a pay-per-use model that allowed many new projects to quickly adopt blockchain. However, there is just a single blockchain with one shared network for everyone to use, similar to early mainframe computers. This causes congestion and high fees while also limiting autonomy.

The Server Era

The next era of blockchain technology was determined to improve upon the limitations of smart contract platforms - network congestion, high fees, a lack of scalability, and limited application functionality. Projects such as Polkadot and Cosmos presented application-specific blockchains that operate independently of other chains on the platform. These independent, application-specific blockchains can be thought of as dedicated servers.

The Composability Era

While Server Era platforms offer unique blockchains, third-party projects still aren’t allowed to own and control their own blockchain. It’s akin to renting a dedicated server from a data center. 

The Composability Era moves beyond this model with composable solutions, in which third-party projects have full autonomy, control their own blockchain, and never pay fees in a non-native currency.
Komodo is the world’s only blockchain platform providing 
composable blockchain solutions.
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Composable Solutions

Composability is a design principle focused on providing a wide array of components, which can be activated as needed and used in different configurations to meet the unique demands of a specific use case. 

A Fluid Set of Resources

With Komodo, Smart Chains provide the resource pool from which all blockchain-based apps, games, and software draw. If your project starts growing and your apps need more resources, simply add additional Smart Chains to increase the size of the pool. It is an efficient and fluid way to power any blockchain-based products.

Independently Deployed Solutions

Every Smart Chain is completely independent from all other blockchains. There is no vendor lock-in and no dependence on the Komodo chain or coin. Transaction fees are always paid in each Smart Chain’s native coin and, as every chain has its own decentralized network and consensus rules, transactions are processed in isolation from other Smart Chains.

Modularity & Flexibility

Komodo’s Antara Framework provides each Smart Chain with a library of modules. Modules are coded in C/C++ and are thus Turing complete, so anything imaginable can be coded into a Smart Chain. The desired modules can be activated, with each module offering a series of Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), which can then be used to code blockchain-based applications in any programming language.

Agility & Rapid Development

With the Antara Composer, you can customize and launch your own purpose-built Smart Chain, complete with any number of seed nodes and mining nodes, in just minutes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Komodo also offers white label products, including a multi-coin wallet, DEX, and block explorer, to accelerate time to market.

Komodo Platform: Base Layer of the Technology Stack

Komodo is the platform layer of the technology stack. Written in C, the Komodo Platform layer is the base upon which all other technologies and features are built.

An Open Platform

Unlike other blockchain platforms, there is no vendor lock in on the Komodo Platform. Third-party projects are never forced to pay platform taxes or gas fees. 

Composable Solutions

Komodo offers customizable, purpose-built Smart Chains that support custom apps. All blockchain-based apps use only the resources they need and you can scale out on demand.

Multi-Chain Architecture

Each project that builds with Komodo’s technology receives an independent blockchain with its own consensus rules, network, and coin. Transaction fees are paid in each chain’s native coin.

Flexible Technology Tools

From security and scalability features to an integration layer with an open API and a series of white label products, Komodo offers everything needed to build the perfect blockchain solution.

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Antara: An Adaptable Framework For End-To-End Blockchain Development

Antara is a blockchain framework for building with Komodo’s technology. Using the Antara Framework, you can launch an autonomous Smart Chain and use it to power high-performing blockchain applications.

Antara Smart Chains

Customizable, autonomous, modular, and purpose-built blockchains launched with Komodo’s Antara Framework.

Antara Modules

Powerful, Turing-complete, consensus-altering modules. Choose from a library of built-in modules or code your own.

Antara Integration Layer

An open API with which you can code blockchain-based apps, contracts, and games that run natively on your Smart Chain.

End-To-End Blockchain Development

Komodo’s Antara framework makes end-to-end blockchain development simple. Customize your Smart Chain, launch it, pick your modules, and start building blockchain-based apps.

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Bitcoin-Level Security With Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW)

Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security mechanism recycles the enormous hash rate of the Bitcoin network to provide BTC-level security to every dPoW-protected chain.


Komodo’s globally-distributed network of 64 community-elected Notary Nodes perform the technical work that dPoW requires.


dPoW notarizations take place roughly every ten minutes, constantly providing additional layers of security to protect your blockchain with the power of the Bitcoin network.


dPoW security is available for all UTXO-based blockchains whether or not they were created with Komodo’s technology. Annual fees are marginal compared to the level of security provided.


dPoW is currently securing several dozen production blockchains, protecting a few hundred million dollars in value. dPoW has successfully defended against real 51% attack attempts.

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Platform Synchronizations For Scaling & Interoperability

Komodo’s Platform Synchronizations provide limitless scalability and built-in interoperability features for all Smart Chains launched within the Komodo ecosystem.

Smart Chain Clustering

With Komodo’s Platform Synchronizations, in combination with an automated burn protocol, multiple Smart Chains can be clustered together to function as one. Coin supply stays constant.

Scale Out On Demand

If a single Smart Chain isn’t providing the throughput your project demands, simply add more Smart Chains to boost performance. All Smart Chain projects can scale out linearly on demand.

Cross-Chain Verifications

All Smart Chains launched with Komodo can verify data, transactions, and blocks on any other Smart Chain through Komodo’s innovative Platform Synchronizations feature.

One Key & One Address

Users need only one private key or passphrase and one address to access and receive funds on any Smart Chain launched with Komodo’s technology. Interoperability and autonomy at once.

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A Framework for Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology is the only truly P2P form of trading available today. It’s far more secure and far more convenient than any other trading method.

Unrestricted Trading Pairs

Komodo’s atomic swap technology can support over 99% of all coins and tokens in existence. Trading pairs can exist between any two integrated assets for which a market arises.

Open API

Komodo’s atomic swap framework has an open API to which any exchange or wallet provider can integrate. It makes adopting Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology simple.

Maximum Security

When exchanging assets via atomic swaps, you never need to give up control of your private keys and funds always remain in your wallet. It makes trading more secure than ever before.

Shared Liquidity Pool

All third-party projects that integrate to Komodo’s AtomicDEX framework share a liquidity pool. This encourages collaboration and allows everyone to benefit from adoption.

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