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New Crowdfunding Options via Blockchain Technology: Komodo’s dICO Services

Komodo is committed to leveraging blockchain technology as a solution to empower entrepreneurs with the best crowdfunding resources. We believe that all entrepreneurs should have access to tools that provide you with security, independence, privacy, and the ability to excel and scale in your endeavors. That is why we are introducing the world’s first dICO crowdfunding services.

What is Komodo’s dICO?

Komodo’s dICO (decentralized Initial Coin Offering) grants you the freedom to launch your own independent blockchain with zero dependencies and crowdfund successfully without third-party risk. When we first announced that we were developing the dICO, our goal was simply to supply crowdsourcing entrepreneurs with an unprecedented level of flexibility and freedom over their coin offering. While fine-tuning our model, we started making improvements, so that we could automate our system to support a large number of dICOs simultaneously. 

As a result, we are now able to advance the rate at which all entrepreneurs can journey into secure and scalable fundraising via independent blockchain technology by offering two dICO models equipped with a complete toolkit of white-label solutions. These tools include:

  1. Your own Independent Blockchain Generator
  2. Zero-Knowledge Proof Privacy Technology
  3. Token Issuance
  4. Custom Multi-Coin Wallet
  5. Block Explorer
  6. dICO Launch Stand-Alone Application
  7. Agama Wallet Integration Capability
  8. BarterDEX Integration Capability
  9. Mobile dApp Integration
  10. Language Agnostic APIs

 Our dICO Model: DIY Crowdfunding 

Our open-source, DIY model gives all developers and entrepreneurs access to our free and easy-to-use, decentralized blockchain toolkit to jumpstart your project of choice. With the DIY model, we enable everyone to:

• Freely create whatever you want
• Deploy your own Independent Blockchains with our Click-to-Launch Chain Generator.
• Choose from Komodo’s optional, industry-leading Security Services (Recommended)
• Make your own Blockchain Rules and Consensus Mechanisms
• Launch a decentralized P2P crowdfunding campaign without third party risk
• Access our Pre-Approved List of Third Party Support Service Providers
• Enjoy consistent performance without being burdened by other blockchains’ activities
• Integrate with barterDEX and Trade within the largest Open Atomic Swap Network
• Generate and Interlink as many Blockchains as you need for scalability
• Flexibility to migrate or remain within Komodo Ecosystem

Utrum’s Review of Komodo’s DIY Model:




“Amazing! We at Utrum just created our OWN blockchain using Komodo Technology. It’s a breeze and dream come true. It just took 3 simple steps to build our independent blockchain, explorer and OOT token integration into Komodo’s multi wallet and decentralized exchange Barterdex.”

Utrum defines itself as a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. With Utrum, contributors can earn rewards for their reviews, ratings, market predictions and in-depth analyses. They function via a community-based governance model where members of the Utrum community will elect their own representatives called “Trustees”.

By developing with Komodo’s DIY blockchain toolkit, Utrum was able to launch their unique idea, begin crowdfunding without restriction, and tailor our technology to support all of their needs, so that their project could succeed. Check out Utrum here!

Blocnation’s Review of Komodo’s dICO services:



“We chose Komodo because we wanted to expand the payment capabilities of our cashless payment network to deliver an even greater experience to our already happy customers. Komodo was the best option for us because they are the only place that can power our community with secure and borderless cryptocurrency pay options, in addition to launching our decentralized crowdfund. They have proven that they can offer the best security solutions in the world, while also offering us the greatest level of flexibility. Overall, the development team at Komodo is simply brilliant, and their advisory staff has been very professional in helping us prepare for our dICO launch. We are proud to be Komodo’s first Premier dICO!

Blocnation’s Token ($BNTN) will be utilized throughout Southeast Asia’s leading cashless payment community of events and venues, PouchNATION. PouchNATION offers event organizers and hostels an end-to-end guest management platform for audiences ranging in size from 3,000-150,000 people. and the Blocnation app will enable users to hold altcoins, acquire event tickets, book hostels, top-up online, and get cash-back.

 Visit our site for more details:

Join BlocNATION’s Telegram for live updates:

Perform Your Own dICO

We strive to endow everyone with fully customizable, end-to-end solutions that furnish you with maximum security, flexibility, and independence via the blockchain.

We also welcome all pre-existing blockchain projects on other platforms that would like to migrate to Komodo to receive your own fully customizable, high performing independent blockchain.

If you have any questions about how to perform your own dICO—or if you’re interested in learning more about how Komodo’s technology solutions can help your organization—please contact Ben Fairbank at [email protected]

Future Updates
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