What Is Gala (GALA)?

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes

What Is Gala (GALA)?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In recent years, the gaming industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with the emergence of blockchain technology. One platform that stands out in this revolution is Gala Games (often shortened as "Gala"), a trailblazing project on a mission to redefine the gaming experience.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Gala Games aims to empower players, foster player-owned economies, and create a more immersive and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Gala Games, exploring its unique features, the GALA token, the history of the ecosystem, and its future roadmap.

The History of Gala Games

Gala Games was founded by Eric Schiermeyer, one of the co-founders of Zynga, a well-known social gaming company. Schiermeyer’s experience in the gaming industry combined with his passion for blockchain technology led to the inception of Gala Games.

The platform officially launched in 2019 and quickly gained popularity among gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Since its launch, Gala Games has grown exponentially, with an ever-expanding roster of games and a vibrant community of players. The ecosystem has attracted talented developers and game creators, further enriching the gaming experience offered by the platform.

As of July 2023, the project has 90+ team members, 1.3 million monthly active users, and has sold more than 26,000 NFTs with the highest priced NFT selling for $3 million.

PokerGo Play
PokerGo Play is a social casino game within the Gala Games ecosystem.

Gala Games and the Mission to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

Gala Games was founded with the vision of revolutionizing the gaming industry. At its core, Gala Games believes in empowering players by giving them true ownership of in-game assets and fostering a player-driven economy.

Unlike traditional games where players' achievements and assets are locked within the confines of the game's ecosystem, Gala Games allows players to truly own and control their in-game items and characters through blockchain technology.

Introduction to the Gala Network and Player-Owned Economies

The Gala network is a metaverse token based decentralized ecosystem that enables the creation of player-owned economies. It ensures that in-game items and assets are stored on the blockchain, granting players full ownership rights. This approach opens up new possibilities for players to buy, sell, and trade their in-game assets with real-world value, disrupting the traditional gaming model.

Gala Games offers several unique features that set it apart from traditional gaming platforms. One of the most significant features is the concept of true ownership. Players have complete control over their in-game assets, meaning they can transfer, sell, or use them outside the Gala Games ecosystem. This not only grants players more freedom but also presents opportunities to earn real-world value from their gaming achievements.

Additionally, Gala Games utilizes blockchain-based smart contracts to ensure transparency, security, and fairness in gameplay and asset ownership. With the elimination of intermediaries, players can interact directly within the ecosystem, making the gaming experience more efficient and trustworthy.

Several unique games are publicly available, including Dragon Strike (puzzle RPG), PokerGo Play (social casino), Spider Tanks (PvP brawler) Meow Match (puzzle - Match 3), and GRIT (battle royale), and Town Star (simulation).

Exploring the GALA Token

The GALA token plays a central role in the Gala Games ecosystem. As an ERC-20 token, it serves multiple purposes that enrich the gaming experience for players.

Firstly, GALA is used for governance within the platform, giving players a say in important decisions and developments. Players can propose and vote on changes to the ecosystem, ensuring a community-driven approach to development.

Secondly, GALA facilitates in-game transactions. Players can use GALA to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets and items on the Gala Games marketplace.

GALA tokens can be obtained through various cryptocurrency exchanges. One such platform is Komodo Wallet, a wallet, bridge, and decentralized exchange (DEX) rolled into one app. Komodo Wallet that allows users to both HODL and trade GALA.

Gala Games
Gala Games has several blockchain-based games that are either publicly available or in development.

What Makes Gala Games Unique?

Gala Games stands out in the gaming industry for several reasons.

Firstly, its commitment to true ownership revolutionizes the way players interact with in-game assets. This concept of player-owned economies paves the way for a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

Secondly, the integration of blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and decentralization, granting players more control over their gaming journey.

Thirdly, the project makes it easy for anyone to become a Gala Game node operator. Users who run nodes can receive items and GALA tokens in their treasure chests, which can then be minted.

The Future of Gala: Roadmap and Development

Looking ahead, Gala Games has an ambitious roadmap with exciting developments planned for the ecosystem. This includes the launch of several upcoming games for desktop and mobile users. Genres for these games will include RPG, survival, strategy, tabletop, and more.

The platform aims to expand its range of games, catering to various gaming preferences while continuously enhancing the gaming experience.

Furthermore, Gala Games is committed to improving the user interface and overall accessibility of the platform, ensuring that even non-blockchain enthusiasts can easily navigate and benefit from the ecosystem.

Gala Games store
Gala Games has its own store for buying and selling in-game items.


Gala Games represents a true revolution in the gaming industry, offering players ownership and control over their in-game assets through blockchain technology. With the GALA token as the heart of the ecosystem, players can enjoy a transparent, fair, and immersive gaming experience, while also having a say in the platform's future.

As Gala Games continues to evolve and expand, it holds the potential to redefine the gaming landscape and grow a vibrant, player-centric community.

GALA Available on Komodo Wallet

Komodo Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, crypto bridge, and peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized exchange that provides native support for the Ethereum blockchain and the GALA token.

Users can HODL and trade GALA along with other popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, MATIC, and much more.

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