November Community Awards: A New Foothold In Asia

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

November Community Awards: A New Foothold In Asia
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Komodo team acknowledges and rewards key community contributions each month and, with another month now behind us, it's time to honor those who made significant contributions to the Komodo project in November 2019!

While many community members made big contributions, the Komodo team is unable to feature everyone who is pushing the project forward. The community bounties are awarded based on the team’s understanding and judgment of the most significant contributions. If you think we have overlooked someone, you can give us a hint anytime, now or in the future.

Komodo’s community bounty budget is 3000 KMD in November 2019, and it will go to the following diligent contributors.

Contributor Of The Month

Tom. T – Community Builder (500 KMD)

Tom has been building up the Chinese Komodo community for a few months now and has established an active community of over 800 people. He is sharing Komodo news daily, and expects community growth to continue. In addition, he has coordinated the translation of both the Komodo and AtomicDEX websites into Chinese. Tom is helping Komodo to gain momentum in Asia as the community grows and more marketing materials are made available in local languages.

You can join the Komodo WeChat community by contacting Tom (WeChat ID: tangxufeng00712) through the application.

Outstanding Community Contributions

John Robinson – Komodo Evangelist (300 KMD)

John has been actively participating in events and promoting Komodo in Japan. During the past month alone, he attended 7 blockchain events in Japan as a Komodo Ambassador.

Startups x Venture Capitalists Event

  • 5 Nov:  Tokyo Community Summit
  • 9 Nov:  Rakuten Technology Conference
  • 12 Nov:  Starups x Venture Capitalists
  • 20 Nov:  State of DeFi
  • 21 Nov:  FinTech Venture Capital
  • 26 Nov:  LIBRA blockchain meetup
  • 29 Nov:  Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp graduation

If you are passionate about Komodo and like to participate in blockchain events in your local area, then you, too, can apply to become a Komodo ambassador. Please note that the Komodo ambassador program doesn’t offer paid positions.

Barv – Komodo Evangelist (300 KMD)

Bart van Maarseveen is a long time community member and a prominent figure in the Dutch blockchain scene. He has been organizing regular Komodo themed meetups in Netherlands. On November he also attended and represented Komodo in an event organized by Syscoin Platform and Blocknorth in Amsterdam.

Barv Presenting Komodo in Block Party Event

If you ever wander to Netherlands check out Blockbar meetups in The Hague and BlockDAM in Amsterdam. Be sure to watch Bart’s 30 minute Komodo presentation from the Block Party event.

Paro – Marmara Project Contributor (300 KMD)

Paro has been very active with the Marmara project for months and has helped test the technology with the team’s developers. Marmara is a Smart Chain that is developing a peer-to-peer credit based money creation system. The project reviewed different blockchain platforms and chose Komodo because of the powerful Antara Framework.

Paro has also been organizing a Komodo workshop in Marmara University, Turkey. The workshop will be organized by the blockchain community at Göztepe Campus of Marmara University. The Komodo Workshop will take place on Friday, December 13th, and it will bring together people interested in blockchain technology.

Mixic – Community Builder (300 KMD)

Mixic is looking to start a Russian Komodo community and has created many social media pages and chat rooms for Komodo. In addition, he built a website that covers news and updates  in Russian. Join his community and follow him on the links below.

He is also an active follower of many Komodo ecosystem projects. Most notably, he represents Utrum project in Russia and is a member of the PirateChain team. He has also created a Russian Telegram groups for Utrum, Pirate, Hush, Zaddex, Hempcoin, and ChainZilla.

Notable Community Contributions

The following members have made a notable contribution, or just have been very active and helpful in general. Their bounty award is 100 KMD each.

ZaferGraph volunteered to translate the AtomicDEX app to Turkish.

Jorian contributes through Chainmakers and actively chats on Discord.

Phm87 has been very active community member.

Metaphilibert is a well-known community member who has stayed active year after year.

Regnar has been continuously active on Komodo, Telegram, and Discord.

Oszy has been very helpful community moderator.

Farl has been very helpful community moderator.

CrisF has been actively contributing to Komodo.

Acura has been very active community member.

Mrlynch has been very active community member.

ComputerGenie is one of the most active people on Discord and he regularly contributes to KMDLabs.

Gordon Komodo has been very active and helpful on Komodo Discord.

Marlon T. (Zuma3) helped Komodo team to fix a website vulnerability.

Get Involved!

Become part of the Komodo community by joining Komodo’s Discord server. Engage in discussions with other members and follow what Komodo and its ecosystem projects are up to. If you’d like to get more involved, you can do so at any time. You can even start a project or initiative of your own.

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