Komodo’s Sapling Upgrade Was A Huge Success

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo’s Sapling Upgrade Was A Huge Success
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Table of Contents

On December 15, Komodo successfully hard-forked more than 40 blockchains at the same time with no issues, providing enormous technological improvements to the entire ecosystem.

On Saturday, December 15, 2018, at roughly 01:00 UTC, the Komodo Development Team successfully activated the largest-ever update to the Komodo code base, hard-forking every blockchain in the ecosystem— over 40 completely independent blockchains— all at the same time, with no major issues or complications.

This is the largest single upgrade ever performed in the history of the blockchain industry. Congratulations to the Komodo and thanks to the hard work of all the developers and testers who made this enormous update possible!

A Groundbreaking Upgrade For Komodo

The recent Komodo update included the Sapling upgrade, originally developed by zCash, which greatly reduces the amount of processing power needed to complete a private z-transaction; a number of technologies upstreamed from Verus Coin that provide new options in the customization of independent blockchains launched with Komodo’s technology; and an increase in block size from 2 MB to 4 MB.

To complete this enormous upgrade, more than 500 source code files were updated. With collaboration between all projects in the Komodo ecosystem, the expertise of the Komodo Dev Team, and exhaustive testing from the Support/QA Team, the upgrade was activated smoothly.

This is the first time a simultaneous hard fork of multiple independent public blockchains has been achieved simultaneously. It is a huge milestone for Komodo and the broader ecosystem.

Now that the upgrade is complete, trading of KMD has resumed on all exchanges. KMD is traded on many of the industry’s largest exchanges and swapping services. Check out where you can buy, sell, and trade KMD here.

Funds In z-Addresses Must Be Moved By Feb. 15, 2019

The main KMD blockchain originated as a fork of zCash, the well-known privacy coin. Prior to this upgrade being activated on December 15, Komodo was using the Sprout edition of the zCash code. On October 27, 2018, zCash implemented the Sapling upgrade to its code base. Since zCash is an open-source project, Komodo was able to activate the Sapling upgrade, as well.

As a result of this upgrade, from the Sprout to Sapling code for private z-transaction support, the old Sprout z-addresses will be deactivated in the Komodo code base on February 15, 2019.

This means that all KMD must be moved out of private z addresses before February 15, 2019. Any funds left in a z-address will no longer be accessible after that point in time.

If you have KMD stored in a z-address and have not yet upgraded to the new version of Agama, please download the latest version of Agama now. This is necessary to access and transfer your funds.

If you have KMD stored in a z-address and have already updated Agama, then you may choose to hold your funds in a Sapling z-address for the time being. However, all KMD must be moved out of z-addresses by February 15, 2019. This includes new Sapling z-addresses.

Even if you have upgraded to the latest version of Agama and your KMD is in a Sapling z-address, you must still move these funds to a transparent t-address by February 15, 2019.

For instructions on how to safely move your KMD from a z-address to a transparent R-address (the address should begin with the letter "R"), please see this guide created by Komodo's Support Team.

In the coming weeks, the Komodo team will make additional announcements regarding this new requirement. This information is being released now to ensure all members of the Komodo community have ample time to move any funds they have stored in a z-address.

Thanks to all the dedicated Komodo community members who continue to ensure the success of the Komodo project.

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